Lee Perry Thinks U.S. President Evil, Takes Place In Long, Long Line

Nov 19th, 2008 // 3 Comments

We all know about how American musicians have reacted to Obama’s election (see here and here, for starters), but the invaluable Heatwave Blog has a new post showcasing four dancehall reggae songs about recent times. The pick hit is Al Moodie’s unexpectedly jubilant, near-ska “Everything Crash” (“The economy crash! WaMu crash! Lehman Brothers crash! Wachovia crash! Down to AIG, crash, too!”), while selections by Beniton the Menace (“Recession,” which recommends popping champagne to stave off the inevitable) and Beenie Man, as well as a new version of Lee Perry’s classic “Chase the Devil” (that should probably be retitled “Stupid George Bush, Your Days Are Numbered”), get more explicitly presidential. [The Heatwave Blog]

  1. encyclopediablack

    Not to be a nitpicker, but isn’t that a Max Romeo song produced by Lee Perry?

  2. Michaelangelo Matos

    haha not anymore!

  3. chaircrusher

    Max Romeo wrote the lyrics and melody, Lee Perry wrote the riddim. The “Chase The Devil” riddim. Perry’s dub versions are called “Disco Devil” and “Croaking Lizard.” Like many of Perry’s popular riddims it probably showed up with different vocals as well.

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