Tell Me Something Good: Your Favorite Discoveries Of Recent Days

Jun 19th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Friends, I have to be honest with you: Today is the first sorta-nice day in the general New York area in what seems like forever, and I have one eye on the sky and my mind on the book that I am tantalizingly close to finishing. So here’s my simple question for you: What’s your favorite discovery of recent days? It can be a new-to-the-world band, a recently minted album, or an outfit that’s been making music for a while but just came across your transom. Five of mine, after the jump.

• Explode Into Colors: A scruffier, dreamier ESG. [MySpace / The Catbirdseat]
• Jaheim, “Never.” This love song somehow manages to make the line “Never would this player hang / his jersey up and leave the game” completely touching. Quite a feat, that. [Dailymotion / MySpace]
• Moby, Wait For Me. No idea why he’s going around dissing Play, since this stunning little album sounds like its older, wiser, world-wearier cousin. Actually, maybe that’s the problem? [NPR]
• Hot Lava. Their cover of Dion Del Shannon’s “Runaway” sounds like it was beamed in straight from the days the song first hit the charts, Doppler-bending and all. [MySpace]
• Laura Izibor, “From My Heart To Yours.” Someone on Twitter yesterday asked me if I’d ever heard of this Dublin-born soul singer and I replied no–until I realized that “Heart” was the track that I was always humming along with when it came on Kiss. I have a sneaking suspicion that this song’ll be performed on at least three American Idol audition episodes next year, so get familiar now. [YouTube / MySpace]

  1. @iantenna: Interesting selections! It, too have been harkening back in time, enjoying The Gun Club’s first couple albums (“Fire Of Love” and “Miami”). Another goodie is the solo debut “Anymore For Anymore” (1974) by Ronnie Lane. If Lane’s name doesn’t grab you, then his time with the (Small) Faces should.

  2. the Lions In The Street demos really have been on the top of my heap for a long time now, and “Shangri-La” is THE summer jam for me. cannot stress enough.

    otherwise, been listening to recent pickups like Ragged Soul by The Lazy Cowgirls, Wild and Wandering by Wasted Youth, and the new Strange Boys record.

    however, highly recommend:

  3. been listening to Right On Dynamite’s ep nonstop since they opened for Ida Maria last Friday.

  4. @drinkypuss: I’ve been kicking myself for not going to that show (even though I’ve seen her twice this year already). Saving a few dollars (comparatively) and going bowling with a few friends was not worth it.

  5. “Runaway” was Del Shannon – not Dion. On that MySpace site there’s a picture of Del in the jukebox when the song is playing.

  6. Dum Dum Girls: the Captured Tracks 12″ and everything I’ve been able to snag online (most of which via the hated Hype Machine). And Liechtenstein, esp. “Stalking Skills.”

  7. Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Malajube and the new Fanfarlo record–all in the last week!

  8. Right now I’m in the middle of my fourth of fifth spin of the new Mos Def record- I’ve been a long time apologist (I still have a copy of New Danger), but there’s no need to apologize for this- its my favorite hip hop record of the year.

  9. @kicking222: man, it was cheap, the drinks at hiro were strong, and both bands were awesome. 2009 is the year i commit to the opening act, and it has been amazing so far – i’ve found out about the london souls (also cause of idolator, natch), the Grates, and Right On Dynamite. any concert ticket under 20 bucks, even for an artist you’ve seen already, is really hard to beat.

  10. Just got back from Vinyl Saturday in Berkeley (Amoeba, Rasputin), and in addition to the 180g virgin pressings, I picked up Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones on a whim. Knocked out.

  11. @ChrisB.: Co-sign on The Coathangers. Saw them play a couple nights ago in Toronto, on the strength of their cardboard monster video and someone in the band playing an unwieldy Casio, and they were AMAZING. So much chutzpah, and better musicianship than their songs/style call for.

    Have also been digging the more blogged-upon Generationals and Apollo Ghosts. Great but pleasingly idiosyncratic summertime pop (though Generationals are trying a bit harder to blend into what they’re jacking).

  12. @SmedIndy: whoops! thanks. see, told you i was distracted.

    @ everyone talking about the coathangers: so they’ve improved over the past 12 months, then? i did not like the early material of theirs i heard.

    @ everyone: haha, i just blew through about $50 on amazon mp3 thanks to this thread (and hearing ‘don’t disturb this groove’ on the radio last night.) yay!

  13. @thesemodernsocks: I wouldn’t ever expect anyone to apologize for ‘The New Danger’. That album is great (and “Ghetto Rock” is one of my favorite songs of the decade, for sure).

  14. “I wanna be your boyfriend” by Discovery feat. Angel Deradoorian. The rest of the album tries a little too hard to be “Postal Service ’09″ but this is going to be one of my top summer jams for sure.

  15. That new Extra Golden album is really wonderful — complex but not overstuffed Afro-pop. Others have said, but the Future of the Left is YES.

    I’ve also been listening to Odawas a lot lately cause it reminds me of Weather Channel music (but good!) and it’s been so rainy. And I flip on Assemble Head in Sunburst sound when the sun comes out and I’m all about the VIBES.

  16. All day I’ve been jamming that run of Shalamar albums between 1979-1984 before Jody Watley cut loose to go solo, and I’ve decided it’s THE GREATEST SHIT EVAR!

  17. Earlier today I went to a record store for the first time in 2009.

    I got Killing Joke: Peel Sessions 1979-1981

    So far it’s pretty awesome.

  18. This is probably kind of old, but Laura Jansen’s “Bells” is so damn charming (perhaps a little too mushy and cute).

  19. wait for me is pretty good. best since play, and it’s got that honesty and (cliché alert) rawness that made animal rights so great. speaking of which, that was a great interview (where he dissed play), thanks for the linkage. and i love that animal rights came up, and that it’s his favorite, because it’s mine too, by far.

  20. hi,
    …i found a very interesting new music a realy unknown singer / song writer !!
    *he, Jake Hook is on ….. ,
    on facebook / jakehookmusic ,
    or twitter/jakehook …
    ..he is from London , have an amazing voice and he write brilliant songs…since few months, i can’t get enough from him…i love his songs:”fade”, “you just walked away”, “crave”, “here you are”, “wanna”,”silent whispers”,…and he wrote only few weeks ago “if you can”…and is singing with Sarah mcLellan!!
    i bought his album “record on the blag”,have the songs on my i-pod…and i realy want his “SXY” – album,it’s brilliant ,too….

    i hope you can enjoy it , like me…


  21. Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca I’m not normally into the disjointed experimental nature of this record, but there are some interesting songs, real instruments and the girls in the band can sing.

  22. @drinkypuss: I don’t drink, and it would’ve been about 30 bucks for me to go (ticket+train+subway), but it still would’ve been a good investment. I actually haven’t liked either band I’ve seen Ida with (though, obviously, I’ve never seen the opener at the show you went to), but Ida will always, always be worth the money.

  23. I recommend Tom Allalone and the 78s as well as Imelda May. Because sometimes you need a British take on good old American rockabilly.

  24. I’ve been listening to The Southtown Avengers and France has the Bomb lately. Both solid rock bands. I went to a “festival” in Minneapolis on Saturday called Rock the Garden and I saw Solid Gold, Yeahsayer, Calexico, and The Decemberists. I wouldn’t recommend any of them except The Decemberists sounded pretty good…but most people know them already.

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