Kelly Clarkson Thinks That Robert Pattinson Sparkles

Aug 18th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Kelly Clarkson’s performance of the delightful throwback track “I Want You” at this weekend’s Illinois State Fair was marked by her pulling out a cardboard cutout of Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson that was emblazoned with the words “YOU WANT ME?” and serenading it. Clarkson is a known fan of Stephenie Meyer’s vampires-and-virgins series, but as someone who’s planning on seeing Clarkson later on this tour of fairs and festivals, I hope that she brings around effigies of other heartthrobs for future dates. Video of her one-sided singalong after the jump.


  1. Oh, man, first Lady Gaga wore a bubble dress; now Kelly Clarkson is singing to a cardboard cutout! I know Kristeen Young didn’t actually *invent* either cardboard or plastic bubbles, but it gets me down when more famous people use props like hers. Do you know how that is? I try to take it in a good humor, and I don’t think they stole them, but famous people sort of automatically own ideas from the moment they use them, and to be a fan of the person who did it first — it’s dispiriting to watch someone get laughter/tears/praise/hatred/credit/blame for an idea nobody noticed when it was done months ago.

    Can I embed a video? Not sure.

    Here’s a link, in case I can’t:

    That’s earlier this summer, in St. Louis.

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