Adam Lambert Finds ABC’s ‘View’ May Not Be So Narrow

Dec 7th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Having trouble keeping up with Adam Lambert and ABC’s on again/off again relationship? No one would blame you if you are.

According to the website for the Alphabet network ‘s morning show The View, the American Idol runner-up is scheduled to grace the stage on Thursday, December 10.

This comes after the 27-year-old singer tweeted last week that his scheduled Jimmy Kimmel Live and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve appearances were scrapped by ABC—further repercussions, apparently, of Lambert’s controversial American Music Awards gig in November.

The View site notes the following:

“He’s been a Hot Topic since his controversial American Music Awards performance last month—now he’s taking a seat on the couch to answer questions from our co-hosts. The View will show a taped interview with the the American Idol runner-up and a performance.”

A performance? Do these ladies know what kind of supposedly scandalous shenanigans they’re in for?

Is ABC trying to do an about-face after doling out a series of rescinded invites that all began with an axed Good Morning America appearance?

Well, it’s only the beginning of the week. Anything can happen between now and Thursday.

MTV News notes that Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation president Jeff Barrios issued the following statement:

“ABC has taken a step towards fairness by inviting Adam Lambert to perform on The View. GLAAD has been advocating against the double standards that have been applied to Lambert as an openly gay performer. We thank community members and allies for voicing their concerns with ABC so that entertainers like Adam have the opportunity to be broadcast into living rooms across America.”

Adam’s View episode airs the morning after the singer is set to be showcased in Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2009 special (also airing on ABC).

Hopefully Babs, Whoopi & Co. aren’t looking for any kind of apology, though. As Lambert already told CBS’s Early Show, “I’m not a babysitter. I’m a performer.”


  1. 2t2tag

    homophobia by any other name is…. the women of the view are scared of adam? are they also scared of puppies and kitties? and can they tell the difference between a choreographed, planned out performance with a little bit of improvised action in the heat of the moment and a performance of his other songs (which i doubt they even have heard ) that are of an entirely different genre. talk about putting all of your eggs in one basket, throwing the baby out with the bathwater, having your head up your a**, you get my drift. adam is an artist and a performer and is creative way beyond the limited abilities to grasp these facts by some of the women of the view and ,for that matter, of a large portion of the country. of course, if you are one dimensional, you only see one dimension. so, ladies of the view, take a deep breath, open your eyes and ears, relax, learn to love a little, and welcome adam. he’s a great guest and more than a little wonderful.

  2. Charlotte

    I did have to laugh about all the tweets the ladies are getting. They do not realize what a wonderful person Adam is and how loyal we are to him because of it. Yes, he is uber-talented, but he is also incredibly kind, intelligent, funny, a throw-back to the flower children of the ’60′s. He is also honest and straightforward, so he won’t be pushed into saying something he doesn’t mean. We can’t wait to see the show, ladies, so give him a chance to shine, he deserves it. The AMA’s are ancient history now in pop music time.

  3. Marla

    Amen! Adam is the best! Love him. Millions of others do as well.

  4. Swordfish

    Oh I do love a blog when the folks blogging are on the same side I am. ABC is looking pretty stupid here. I am wondering if allowing him back came more from Babara Walters or from all of the fans who stopped watching ABC and Disney. Whatever the reason I expect Barbara Walters to have had some pull in this along with Whoopie Goldberg. Afterall Barbara had an affair with a married man so she shouldn’t be the one throwing stones. Who hasn’t made an error or two or gotten caught up in passion or the heat of the moment and done something a little naughty? We all know Whoopie has done that too. So give this kid a break. Have you seen the reviews on his CD? Do you know what real Music Hollywood is calling this kid? “A true genius.”, “Will revolutionize the music industry”, “is causing a cultural change” a “legend in the making”. He’s one of the greats and if folks watch, really open their minds and their eyes; they will see what all the fuss is about.

  5. Retrogrrrl8

    mmmmmmm…I love me some Adam. He is the gay Elvis! He is definitely going to make a huge impact on the music world. And he is such a pussycat! Too bad they’re too scared to put him on the View “live”.

  6. Retrogrrrl8

    …Oops forgot to mention I LOVE the album and can’t stop playing it!

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