Nick Jonas Demonstrates ‘Who I Am’ In His New Music Video

Just when you’d about forgotten Nick Jonas has a single out with his side project The Administration, along comes the music video. (Hey, “Who I Am” is #112 on iTunes’ Top Songs chart currently—don’t blame us!)

Nick initially premiered “Who I Am” live when Grammy nominations were announced in early December. Maybe the black and white vid—and its employment of the tried and true technique of parading a variety of diverse folks from various walks in front of the camera—can rev up enough excitement for kiddies to break out their recently-acquired iTunes gift cards. Catch “Who I Am” after the jump.

  • Christian Otte

    Jesus Christ that's generic.

  • aeckz

    haha,I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i think you have a nice blog. Bravo !