Christina Aguilera Whips Up A Frenzy In “Not Myself Tonight” Video

It’s been obvious from the erotic images surfacing all week that Christina Aguilera planned to get a little kinky with “Not Myself Tonight”, the first video from her upcoming Bionic album. Now you can see for yourself: the elaborate Hype Williams-directed clip features the petite pop diva taking charge as a dominatrix and playing out fantasies with both a boy and a girl. Christina’s never been shy about expressing her sexuality, but the question this time is whether she can still keep her fans’ loyalty all locked up. Watch below:

Shot over three days earlier this month, the video is the latest example of how big “event” videos are back in fashion. And like that other recent video spectacle from that other blonde pop star, Christina’s video features an orgy of product placement. Watch for her Carrera brand sunglasses, her flashy cell phone, and bottles from her own fragrance line. That is, if you can keep your eyes off the kinky sex play.

She’s certainly proved that motherhood hasn’t diminished her appreciation for X-rated content.

So that’s what all the hype was about. After all the fuss about whether Christina was mimicking Lady Gaga or vice versa, we actually see more obvious parallels to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” (directed by David Fincher) and “Human Nature” (Jean-Baptiste Mondino), among other things. But bottom line, you tell us – does Christina have a hit on her hands?

  • Jo

    A HIT.

    Christina is back to her Stripped days. She always always fearless and crazy with her videos. Dirrty was actually banned in some countries. FIGHTER was a visual masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Hopefully she release a Ladytron produced track next or something by M.I.A.’s Major Lazor team who she is still recording songs with RIGHT NOW. BIONIC will be release on June 8th in TWO formats: The Regular 1 disc album & the DELUXE edition with EXTRA songs all ON THE SAME DAY. You can pre-order it now on AMAZON!


    Next up, she will be in LA taping an episode of Storytellers and doing LIVE performances of never before seen tracks from BIONIC. Lots of hardcore fans won tickets tot he show.

    Then the promo train kicks off HARD with a LIVE SHOW on OPRAH on Friday May 7th, live from NYC’s Radio City Music Hall performing NMT for the first time EVER.

  • Farrah

    Come on Jo, you can’t be serious… this video SUCKS! It’s basically “Dirrty” mixed with Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and “Human Nature”! WTF? I had high expectations from this girl, and she failed to deliver BIG TIME. I hope this is NOT an indication of what is to come from her album. Because if it is… oy vey.

    I can’t believe her label approved of having this crap released. This is such an epic letdown.

  • aplastic

    “orgy of product placement.”
    Yeah that was annoying. Especially the cut to the perfume. How stupid was that lingering shot.

    Video was OK at best. Don’t really feel like it’s anything I haven’t seen before.
    Christina is such a beautiful talented women, I don’t get why she needs to copy or hide behind all this.

    • Becky Bain

      I totally agree. The perfume shot was the most irritating thing about the video. It lingered on it waaaaaaaay too long. At least when Britney did the same thing with her “Circus” video, it was at the beginning of the video before the song got started. (although yes, the uber-obviousness of the product placement irked me there, too.)

  • LLL

    I’ll get my eroticism from Adam Lambert I think

  • JM

    yeah, trying too hard or something. She’s clearly going for sexy/erotic…and I for one aint feeling it – not like I do with Lambert instantaneously and even Gaga

  • Nstig8tr

    Cristina is very talented so why does she have to copy madonna add lady gaga? most of it was straight out of the madonna video, from the licking the bowl and spilling over her shoulder, to the whip and the steps….. maybe she thinks its old enough most of us wont remember, but thats not the case. She is way to creative to copy someone else.The song and video will be ahit though because shock sells, I just think she could’ve shocked better by being herself, not copying something that has already been done.

  • Accrehab

    who cares it is a copied thing or not
    i only think that this MV is better than Bad Romance

  • Pinchies

    This song might feel like a hit for a minute because of the shock value and all of the attention, but the song itself is NOT a hit and will fade out quickly. As for her copying Madonna I think she should be a little less obvious, but she was being nasty way before anyone knew who Lady Gaga was.

  • Ric Higgins

    The song is cool.. the vid is clearly an homage.. but its the cinematography that bothered me.. it was kind of “blah”.. and with so many sweet ass images and looks by Christina, I think an opportunity to really make a sick looking video was lost.

  • Avonlea

    I find myself really, really confused by Christina Aguilera… I can’t follow her. After this song, I feel like giving up. What genre does this woman actually stick to?

    This video would’ve been WAY better with a story line and less porn.

  • 1humbleopinion

    In a word, inauthentic.

    Lady Gaga swept in last year with a sound and look that was fresh, original, a tad twisted, and very authentic (albeit influence by the likes of Madonna).

    Christina (again) follows too late to the party with something that feels plagiarized, looks desperate, trying way too hard and hitting all the wrong visual notes.

    It may be a hit anyway, but she ain’t no Gaga or Madonna.

  • Tee Y

    The video is great.. and half of you wouldn’t say she “imitated” madonna’s video if it weren’t for MTV or this blogger copying text from MTV’s site. NOTE TO ALL: DEVELOP YOUR OWN OPINIONS! christina is a legend. Yes, there are similarites to a number of artist, but let’s be honest… is anything original today? NO! ha.. so stop hating, it looks pathetic!

  • myopinion

    Christina was “Dirrty” before Lady Gaga (who I happen to love) …yet you say it SUCKS…She had a child and managed to come back to Hugh expectations, to fill the spot she left I think it’s GREAT. Britney can do it and she can’t even sing.

  • kesha

    i love it!! Christina has always amazed me with her talents. Yeah, its a left turn from what she usually does but i think this move will benefit her. I mean she recently had a baby and she is still keeping up with the changes in music! The only thing is that it’s to similar to gaga’s style which is not really good. However, Christina has been in the industry for awhile, and i believe she has always gave a great performance and had numerous amazing videos. Who knows, she might just give gaga a run for her money. SERIOUSLY!!

  • lala

    Tee Y,

    You stupid girl or boy. I had that opinion when I first saw the video and never knew a thing about it before hand and I still thought that video was a copy of Madonna, GaGa Brittnay. How could you not think that???? Your stupid thats why. The song on top of that sucks soooo bad. She hasn’t had a song I liked since Jeannie in a Bottle. I don’t get her like the rest of these people do either! Wether she means it or not, she is coming of so desperate to me. Would a producer help this poor beautiful talented girl get a decent hit for heaven sakes! That video and song is just annoying me so badly.

  • em

    who cares who she’s trying to copy! the thing is, this song blows. not good. i am big into electronica and dance, and it sucks that mainstream artists are trying to follow that craze, because they are ruining it. better leave it to the real djs.

    this song hurts my eeeears!

  • JoeBlo

    If you are gonna talk about “inauthentic” then you should begin with Lady Gaga, she is nothing without her gimmicks and a total carbon copy of Madonna. And you all swear that Bad Romance is a masterpiece, please!


    I don’t always agree with her choice of outfits or videos, but at least Christina can sing and has a good voice, unlike some of the other no-talent hacks out there today who are more dancers and performers than singers.