New Christina Aguilera Tracks Prove That It Does Keep Gettin’ Better

May 5th, 2010 // 1 Comment

We’re already bracing ourselves for when Christina Aguilera attempts to sing while sporting a ball gag in her mouth while performing “Not Myself Tonight” at the MTV 2010 Movie Awards this June. Although we’re sure that performance will inspire much watercooler discussion round the Internet the following morning, we’re much more excited for Xtina’s VH1 Storytellers. Sneak peak below.

Christina recorded her Storytellers episode last night, and one sneaky fan recorded two new songs from Bionic—the title track, and a gorgeous, heartfelt ballad called “You Lost Me.” If you don’t mind low-quality, cladestinely recorded live versions, take a listen:


“You Lost Me”

As low quality as these songs are, we’re already enjoying them more than “Not Myself Tonight.” “Bionic” sounds like its got real potential to be a club crowdpleaser, but we’re particularly loving the beautiful string-assisted ballad “You Lost Me,” which we can already imagine contestants performing on American Idol Season 10 and Glee covering on its 475th soundtrack.

Christina’s VH1 Storytellers episode will be televised June 13, and Bionic drops June 8.

[Neon Limelight]


  1. Jo

    You Lost Me is a STUNNING song.

    Bionic should have been the first single. What was Christina thinking? SO DAMN BI-ON-IC!!

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