Review Revue: Critics React To Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed” Video

For her latest single “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley Cyrus returned to songwriter/producers Antonina Armato and Tim James, who were behind the boards for the Disney star’s previous Top 10 hits “See You Again” and “7 Things.” But if anyone thought Miley’s fine-feathered music video for the song (watch here) was going to be a tame affair, they were in for a naughty awakening! Let’s head below to see what the critics thought of the 17-year-old pop princess’ bump-’n’-grind declaration of independence!

Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed video2First of all, major props to Towleroad for this headline: “Miley Cyrus Hatched Overnight And She’s Ready To Peck.”

Tanner Stransky of Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix rates “Can’t Be Tamed” favorably by noting, “This here video might be dark and a tad conceptually racy, but it’s not like Miley is stripping or baring much skin, a la some of the stars who have morphed themselves before us in the past.” (Gee, Tanner—whoever could you be referring to?)

The San Francisco Chronicle‘s SFGate blog admits they may have been hasty in pre-judging Miley’s new adult direction unfavorably: “Frankly, this is a new sound for Miley Cyrus and when artists takes a new direction it’s always at considerable risk. This corner didn’t think she could pull it off. So wrong. So very wrong.”

Miley Can't Be TamedNew York magazine’s Vulture blog brands the “Can’t Be Tamed” vid a “Gaga Lite production,” while praising the “surprisingly appealing choreography.”

E!, which premiered the video, announces that “Miley joins the rock starlet ranks of Xtina, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga with feathers flying, workin’ some striking costumes ‘n’ cosmetics.”

MTV Buzzworthy‘s Chris Ryan declares the whole thing to be “a pretty clear metaphor for both Miley living a constant life of scrutiny, always under the microscope, and her rebirth as a young woman and different kind of artist.” The writeup ends on an upbeat tick: “We can’t wait to see where she flies off to next.”

Hecklerspray is a bit more prickly to the bird-themed clip: “Yes, our little Miley Cyrus is all grown up. ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ is said to represent ‘the next step of Miley’—which is presumably the step where she rips off things that Britney Spears was doing at the height of her mental difficulties.”

Things are stated a bit more bluntly by blogger MuuMuse, who plants tongue firmly in cheek by commenting, “Generally the young siren succeeds here, throwing in some boob shots, the word “Hell” (BURN HER), and some saucy hip swinging/stripping. There’s even a millisecond where it seems she’s going in for the kill with another lady. (Oh, grlll.)”

Miley video Can't Be Tamed CyrusThe Huffington Post added a poll to gauge readers’ opinions of Miley in “Can’t Be Tamed.” So far the majority have voted that she’s “too sexy for 17.”

And perhaps in the end, Neon Limelight sums it up best: “Although Cyrus will swear up, down and around that the clip isn’t about being overtly sexy or sexual, there’s no getting around the shots of thigh galore, way too much underage cleavage and bumping and grinding. Miley can’t be tamed, but she sure can drum up controversy.”

So what do you think of Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed” video? A brilliant act of defiance from one of today’s brightest young stars? Way too sexy? Not enough feathers? Let us know below!

  • MamaVieth

    Nothing “contrived” here, eh, Miley??? Honestly, this girl needs to be taken DOWN a peg or two..full of herself and her own importance..HATE the video..hope she doesn’t end up like out-of-control Miss Lohan..

  • meg420

    she is getting to much praise,and im not saying she shouldent but she is just overrated.

  • lisa

    I agree. I mean yeah the girl is popular from hannah montana and her dad is a legendary country star but why is that enough to make her a super star? She is not the best singer and dancer around and you can find similar videos from Christina, Britney, or Madonna. If you notice, none of these women i mentioned are seventeen years old. It takes a lot of time to become a music icon and i just think she is trying to end her teenage girl image by rebelling and acting grown.

  • Nekoshoujo

    This would have been better done after she turned 18. Honestly I find the video hard to watch because we’re basically seeing the sexual exploitation of an underage girl. I understand that she wants to grow up, but these visuals are way too sexual for 17-year-old.

  • LMG

    I actually wanted to see this as I don’t think the song is that bad. Until about 35 seconds in and I turned it off. My daughter is 17 and if I caught her doing this she would be grounded until she was out of my house. Which in these times is 30.

    Didn’t like it but I’m old so…

  • http://FACEBOOK.COM larissa montez

    nhaa saii dessa voceiis ela e asiim e nao vaii mudar se ela e cheia de sii dexa ela afiiinal desu deu a vida pra cada um se emportar e cuidar da sua e se vcoe nao gosta do video nao assita!

  • Greta R.

    She’s been showing signs of taking this direction for a while… I’m just sad to see her finally turn the corner. I am glad my daughter is young enough to have missed out on the whole Hannah Montana craze. There’s no way on earth I would want her idolizing this girl. I wonder how other parents feel who grew to love Miley’s wholesome “Hannah” image and now find themselves having to tell their girls, “No honey, I won’t buy you Miley’s new CD…” It’s just sad to me that a young woman would put herself on display like this and push away her young fans who have been so supportive and loyal to her. She is 17 and does need to make a transition into the adult world, but I would have liked to see her make a graceful transition so that she could be loved by all…young and old.

  • Carina

    I didn’t like it at all. I don’t really care about her showing too much skin, But her dancing was really bad, and the singing was not good. I think if this was sung by someone different it would be so much better. I hated her dancing it was weird and awkward, and I thought the back up dancers were really good. The thing I found funny was when she said “we can make some magic, im wrong like that” doesn’t she have an abstinence ring, and she did all these commercials for saving your self until marriage, its really hypocritical. I’m not a miley hater, some of her videos were good, just this one was really bad.

  • leela

    this is totally expected from someone like her. i cant bllieve tht she is allowed to open her mouth and sing. i mean she is a horrible singer, she really cant sing, thanks to daddy’s fame i guess. the fact that other stars her age arent going all out to prove anything or be overtly sexy says alot about her.her parents are really a piece of work and are watching her doin all this slutty things and are quiet. they should be ashamed of themselves cos i am. i wouldnt want to have this as a child

  • Tess Forester

    I can tell a lot of you are mothers, so i’m gonna respect your opinions but also say that a lot of you are wrong, I’m 19 now and when I was around ten, which a lot of miley’s are around that age , we had videos like Dirrty by Christina Aguilera and I’m A Slave For You by Britney Spears, which yes showed them in very provocative clothing, but it’s not like the second i saw the video i bought buttless pants and bikini tops and wore them to school, which is what christina was wearing in her video. I still dressed the same way and acted the same before the videos came out. Because my mom and dad explained to me that the video’s aren’t real life behavior. And trust me i’ve gone thru middle school and high school recently and what miley is doing and wearing is very mild compared to what some girls are wearing. It’s a catchy song with a nice upbeat music, and if you actually listen to the musics, it talks about how she won’t let a guy or anyone for that matter tell her who she is gonna be, and she is her own independent woman, if you would just take the time to explain to your kids that, videos like this won’t even have an effect.

  • Wangari

    Miley, she has a very unique voice but I think it was important for Miley to stick as Miley and not some pop princess which is what this video shows her as. I mean most people went fanatic when they heard the climb. That was an awesome song. So true so complete, so Miley. But then you hear a song like I can’t be tamed and you end up wondering what the hell? Being 17 does not justify making a sexy video. Nonetheless sexy is so over rated. Maturity should be gauged by deeper thoughts and showing people that Lady Gaga is so over rated and bringing people back to soulful music that’s still upbeat. In short I can’t be tamed should be the last of ridiculous music and music videos that Miley should produce.

  • Lily Parker

    Umm- 12 albums, 3 world tours, been in 13 movies since she was 8, tv show, interviews, billionaire-

  • Ashley

    I personally loved the song. It’s catchy, fun, and really about holding her own in relationships. You cannot blame Miley if eleven year olds start wearing short shorts and revealing tops. I mean, kids have been wanting to reveal their “grown up” and “mature” before they even knew who Miley was. It’s nothing new but people like to point fingers. I’m sixteen and even I do agree her dancing was a bit sexual and her underage cleavage wasn’t nessecary, then again I’ve seen worse at my own school with teens the same age as her. So I can’t say she’s growing up too fast or “I CANT BELIEVE SHE DRESSES LIKE THAT!” when I see it at my school. She’s just being a teenager growing up too fast. Would I ever strut my stuff like that? No. Are there times I feel like I need to in order to get some attention that I’m not 12 anymore? Yeah, I do. But I wouldn’t because I’m smarter then that. There’s a difference between smutty and classy and I think once Miley learns that, she’ll be much more liked by adults and teens alike. I think as long as you have a firm watch over what your child wears and sees, there is no way they’d be dressing like 17 year old Miley. Furthmore, give your child someone in your family to look up to. It might be hard but I wouldn’t completely understand, seeing as I’m pretty much a kid myself. I love Miley but I’m realistic and I don’t look up to her. I look up to my Mother.
    - Great song;; Good video;;

  • jenn

    giiirl u r soo right i was gonna say that but u already said it all self centered n not talented at all

  • fidelis

    she thinks she’s hot ? sorry i don’t think so. she wont be hot even if she were on fire coz her face she looks like a pig and a scared dog. she thinks she can immitate christina aguilera or britney who made a very provocative video and became international?(christina’s “dirty” music video)…but the case of miley wont be the same ,she’s not beautiful and she’s not hot and she twists her face like that of a pig…….the truth is she’s got a long way to go..;tips…(she needs plastic surgery to enhance her looks)

  • Tayler

    I agree. Very well said.

  • missy

    this is the gayest crap i have ever seen. i mean she isnt good at anything she does…i see many young woman who are not famous sing better than her… and if she is calling tht sexy she is wrong her face looks like she just ate a spoiled apple or something and her makeup sucks!!!! she needs to calm her butt down before her sucess leves her…..she is just to ugly to be up there and her voice sucks!!!!!!!!

  • fidelis

    i need you guys to agree with me ………..she won’t be hot even if she were on fire …plus she can’t sing…

  • Uhm..No

    Personally, I think she’s a moron. When your entire fan base is 5-9 year olds, you don’t make a video that only attracts 20 year old guys. This new direction will lose 98% of her fans (the litttle kids) ‘cuz no one over 13 listens to her croak nor are they interested in her.
    Also, this is just a cheap ass version of Briteny, Lady Gaga, and Xtina’s video.
    Miley went from top pop star to low life porn star.

  • AndrewAllan

    Miley is a legend. I know plent of seventeen year olds pregnant having kids, out partying and doing a lot worse than acting sexy? Sexy is a good thing. Look all around you people strive on sexinesss. Miley is a mature teenager. She knows who she is and is not afraid to show it. This song blew me away. The first time i saw the video my mouth dropped. Miley is no boring one hit single girl. She brings what she has. She shows people what she brings to the table. Miley will never be boring. She is a beautiful inside and out. Every person that has worked with her met her and talked to her has never said a bad thing about her. Disney loved her, all te directors actors singers love her. She is a real person something most celbrities lack. People don’t like her because she is an everday teenager. All other stars are fake and try to hide themselves miley is real and i support her. This whole new outlook for her is AMAZING! She is a genius and a idolize her strength to keep moving no matter what people say. Jealousy i think s. It is obvious she catches the attention of a lot of people! Two Thumbs Up For Miley!

  • mfan

    If you know anything about Miley, you know she is a good, kind hearted girl. Unlike many of the commenters. Trying to force her to keep on her Hannah wig or be Debbie Gibson is bad thinking from bad people. Besides, Miley could retire right now if she wanted to, so she will continue to be honest about what’s going on with her to her fans. Go Miley!

  • jenny calebert

    guys, in (less than) another yer, she’ll be 18 years old. If she was still being miss Hannah Montana by then, she’d never have a chance to transform herself. This is the perfect time to become sexy (not when she was 14 sending nearly naked pictures, THAT was something to over-react about, NOT this). True, she is great at stirring up controversy, but when her next birthday rolls around everyone will be fine, she;ll be an adult. Wake up and smell the coffee folks, Hannah Montana has died. May she rest in peace while we invite Miley Cyrus with our open arms, or wings.

  • Ashley

    I know she wants to grow up but she is doing it the WRONG WAY. She is WAY too young for this and her MANY MANY YOUNG fans can’t look up to her anymore. It’s a shame….

  • Anne

    I think its great that she is taking the next step on her carrer…she is doing what she needs to do and she is doing it well…people often critizice things like this when its only artistic and for entretainmet purposes…instead of atacking this girl you should be focusing your energy in the reality of things happening arround you..too young for the video?? come on!! most american girls get pregnant before 15! Get real!

  • miley fan

    u all just dont get it she just trying to say she is tired of ppl telling her wat 2 do and how to do it. the whole caged bird thing is just saying she wants 2 be free so all you haters just lay off your just jealous of how awsome she is u all wish u were that famous and popular. and u stupid critics dont know wt the hell your talking about u just love to see careers fall just because it makes you look smart well your not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keila

    you are 19. i am 19 too…you dont really know what your talking about. These mothers are talking out of EXPERIENCE and you need to respec that. if there taking the time to write this down its because they want to warn naive girls like you who think videos like this have no effect on them! DONT YOU KNOW THAT WHETHER YOU THINK IT HAS AN EFFECT OR NOT IF YOU OPEN THE DOOR TO THE MESSAGE THIS VIDEO REPRESENTS IT WILL HAVE AN EFFECT ON YOU PERIOD. theres no going around that. no one forced you to watch Dirrty by Christina or Slave for you by Brittany Spears. you made the choice. and because of immature wanna bes like miley cyrus millions of young girls around the world will be EFFECTED too. Thank you for defending the stupid point you had. you fail.

  • Tyri

    I would like to say, I’m 23. I love the girl. I love her looks and music. She is showing her growing up and it wasn’t trashy. It was creative. I’ve actually met the girl and she isn’t all about herself or her money like many other stars. All I have to say is she is doing what she likes and expressing herself in her own ways and not following trends like most everyone else.

  • Person

    She wants to grow up. I get it. You can’t stay with Disney forever. However, her voice is beautiful! She could do so much! This video doesn’t express her being an adult, it shows a teen who is trying too hard. Hillary Duff is her rolemodel. Hillary never did this! I’m saddened that she wants to be this way when she was such lovely good rolemodel before. She even won a rolemodel award. She can kiss that goodbye. Her boyfriend is 3 years older than her and she told ryan seacrest she loved him! Ridiculous!

  • Person

    excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can be an adult with out showing my kids its ok to wear nothing in front of millions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unknown K

    What about the climb hmm? What about that the climb was on a CHRISTIAN INSPIRATIONAL video channel, her video and song were named one of the top inspirational video and song pair.So how do you go from inspirational to…what ever the heck this is? Now tell me that. She was talking about cow nobody could TAME her let alone change her, but with that said she obviously doesn’t want to change this” image” she is putting off, this ” icon ” and what not. And she is umm, hello?, 17!! Way too young to be doin stuff like that. But she may be going through a phase in life soo it just may turn out like that. But hey, that’s just MY honest opinion.

  • Fan4Miley

    Miley is extremely talented and the negative comments are uncalled for and the people must be jealous and super conservative and boring people!
    Miley is an amazing singer and dancer! She has toured and sold millions of records. She has proven to be her own unique person and NOT copying anybody. She is very good and people need to sit back and let the talent roll. She is bold and if you want to see art in action, then stop putting down a teenager who is smart and knows what she wants. I hope she never listens to negative people. She has great parents who are doing the right thing and that is listening to their daughter and helping her with her career. She is happy and living life to its fullest. Go Miley!!! You are so good, keep selling out concerts and selling millions of records and prove fools wrong!!

  • Truthful.One

    For a 17 year old, the persona Miley portrays here is very sexual and seductive. In my opinion, I believe it’s inappropriate for her age. I would not let my 17 year old daughter prance around like that, famous or not. The message she is sending to young girls and men, surely is not a positive one. I agree, she is “growing up”, however, you do not have to portray yourself as promiscuous in order to be considered a grown up.

  • Jay

    She’s just another manufactured disney pop star like hillary duff, you can sell a wholesome image to 12yr olds but once that money well dries up, then it’s on to a newer older audience, and her people realize it, with a calculated sexed up image.
    There’s nothing original (or interesting) about the music or video.
    People like Avril lavigne became famous at 17 and didn’t write songs about how crappy it is to be famous, this is self pretentious.

  • CraZieeruP

    To be honest she is just freakinng out………i m one of hr biggest fan…..or say i ws one of her biggest fan………..i hate her now…aftr d release of her album.IN the title track she is trying to act sexy…trying to be hot which obviously luks atrocious nd unlikely d miley wich all of us liked….she has such gr8 parents bt i dnt undrstand how can dey stand such a MILEY
    in d whole song she is tyring to be sexually appealing by showing skin…and her album cover doesnt luk luks repulsive..she luks ugly
    and in hr cant be tamed video d wrst part is wen she is rolling up nd stickin nd dancing wid d co-dancers(boys)
    she dsnt realize dat she is a TEEN pop sensation…nt d favorite of men all ovr d wrld….so she shud act such dat her fans can lyk her…she shud get over the GROWING up thing
    caz she has teen fans who lyk TEENAGISh things
    v lyk d old miley wid gud videos nd personality..nt d trying to be sexy… miley of present…………hope she is back caz den i will hav 2 hate her……..she isnt realizing dat trying to grow up is making hr luz fans………..

  • miley fan

    Her is still awsome and it would be awsomer if all you haters just lay off she is expressing herself in a creative way if she was as sluty or trashy as some of you think why doesn’t she sing about sex,sex,sex insted of real life situations. Never has one of her songs been about sex . She is trying to appeal to a wider fan base she wants to get rid of the hannah look so would you bitches just lay of so she can do that. MILEY CYRUS ROCKZ!

  • Leslie

    I am 14 and im trying to get a job in show business kind of like what miley did. And honestly if i was her i would have done the video the same way! its what “teens” are into and kids wont understand the sexual stuff till their older and will most likely still love the video soo thats my opinion..

  • Thelma

    Haters!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a very good performer, and has a very unique voice… miley is famous and rich…….. and that is why you bunch of jealous ppl cant see her success!!!!!!!

  • mileyan1222

    hey come on back off !!!it is abot time that she grew up!she cant always sing for little kids she has her own life u noe! she wot become out o control!she is givin the message that ‘im not a child anymore i am grown up wether u like it or not!’

  • CraZieeruP

    luk m nt one of d haters bt i lov miley nd i lyk hr since i ws 10 nd i noe her as she ws wen i ws 10
    i actually m nt able 2 adjust 2 dis new miley nd so arnt d odr fans(nt all bt many)
    i lov hr as evrythin….singer perfrmr actor prson ….luks nd prsonality…….
    bt its jst dat she is prforming such songs a bit early

  • Lola

    I have no problem with this video. It’s an interesting metaphor with some good video shots. Sure it’s sexual but um hello? Hundreds of thousands of girls idolize Lady Gaga and she’s almost a stripper! And 17 isn’t as young as you think. It’s one year away from 18 and that’s when she’s an adult. The birdcage and the sexuality is pretty much her saying: “F this, I don’t want to be controlled anymore”. I understand the sentiment. I don’t think LITTLE kids should see it but +12 is fine.

  • Lola

    I don’t get how some people are saying, “I can’t believe someone like her” or “she shouldn’t grow up” *cough* CraZieeruP *cough* when you don’t know her (I’m assuming here but it doesn’t seem that a fan would know her personally) It’s like Rihanna. Rihanna did a LOT of growing up when she did rated R and I kept hearing “go back rihanna quit being so brazen” well like it or not people she has grown up. Maybe a little early, but she has. She won’t be able to go back because that’s pretty much her identity now. And then it will change again, and again. It’s just how things work so please don’t yell that she should give up the “growing up” idea. Nor tell her to make things her fans like. Her music is hers so why should she be controlled by her fans? It would be the opposite of her statement of “I’m grown, I’m moving on and I’m sick of being controlled” don’t you think?

  • Lola

    THAT’S a lot of cleavage? Damn! Some of you must be PURITAN or something! I’ve seen more walking down the street!

  • Lola

    Oh my god. Are you serious? I just read “she’s a low life porn star” and that she’s wearing nothing. WTF? It’s called a leotard! I wear a short ice skating outfit when I perform! Does that make me a stripper? I think not. The only time it’s really a lot of cleavage is the peacock part but she’s wearing a feathery leotard. What is wrong with that? You guys aren’t yelling about GAGA!!! Gaga is pretty much a stripper I mean Alejandro? THAT was way too sexual. She’s 17 almost an adult and trying to get rid of how people see her as a 12 year old. She’s no longer HM she’s Miley Cyrus.

  • Juyt

    Well in ma personal opiion this song was good bt d video was ovr her age..!
    Bt u have 2 admit she is gufted girl n shez a teenager Cmmon wat do u expect..??

    Well d song is admiral bt at d same tym the video went above the Limit i suppose..!xD

  • Melissa

    I know that growing is important but don’t taking it to the extreme is not good either. Acting all mature (in an arrogant manner) ‘cuz being that way, you’re gonna loose everything you have despite hope… Look, I respect Miley and her decisions whatever she wants to do with her life but her appearance is gonna corrupting kids and young teens if they’re watching this… I’m 21 right now and back then 4 years ago, I wasn’t as slutty as her and back then when she was all innocent and down to earth, I used to love her but not anymore. The scandal that she caused back in 2008, made me loose the admiration I had for her. Sorry to disappoint you Miley fans but I agree that what Miley is doing IS really inappropriate for her age. I know I’m sounding all mature and such but its the truth. And with these responsible mothers looking out for their teenage sons or daughters is what’s really important from such sexual content.
    Miley fans, if you really love her videos, are you planning on going slutty too?! Huh?!

  • Loren

    okay i like Miley and i bet alot of you did when she was younger you liked her, her voice, and just about everything else about her but now that she is older has a stronger voice and is doing all this slutty stuff (no offense Miles love ya) doesnt meen she is a bad singer or anything. if she was good when she was little she is good now maybe even better. I know i agree it was kinda slutty but havent you heard the lyrics its about her breaking free from the ropes that have been holding her back all these years and she was 17 about to turn 18 its time for her to grow up and be her own person for once and not care what anyone thinks because this is who she wants to be and this is how shes gonna be so let her be that girl. its her life, let her live it.

  • takita rivers

    to sexy

  • Sonja

    My only problem with the lyrics and the video is that she is 17. If that were not a factor, I’d say it’s a damn good song and video. Risque. Just not age appropriate. Done after she turned 18, this would have been great!