This Lady Gaga Fan Is Not Feeling The Kidz Bop Version Of “Alejandro”

YouTube user Michael Barsenas recently took to the online video channel to vent his fury over the G-rated version of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” that appears on the latest Kidz Bop compilation. “Don’t put Lady Gaga on there and then butcher it just to make it appropriate, when it already was appropriate,” he reasons. The Gaga fan then goes on to discuss his favorite music video at the moment. (And you’ll never guess what it is.) We’re just wondering what he thinks of Kidz Bop’s retooling of “Telephone,” which also appears on the just-released kiddie collection. Hear that one—and watch Michael’s rant—below.

Michael Barsenas’ video blog “Kidz Bop Ruined Alejandro!!!!!!!!!”

“Telephone” (The Kidz Bop version, where no bub is sipped.)

  • Ghost_Ghost

    This kid is dumb. If he doesn’t like it, then don’t listen to it. You still have her version to lesten to. Nobody is forcing him to listen to kids bop or whatever it is. If he does, then that is just some more personal issues to deal with. Get over it.

  • Travis

    I feel bad for the kids when they find out people don’t eat “grub in the club”.

  • ron

    Those covers are absolute trash. And they are an insult to Gaga. I understand this kids rant.

  • Lauren

    Kidz Bop was pretty much invented and supplied for church kids. Parents that want their kids to not feel sheltered/smothered, but they still want them innocent… I guess. I guess if there is not innuendos or bad words, its okay. And that’s why Kids Bop exists. That’s why they keep making them.
    But as for Michaels rant– I completly agree. Tottaly.

  • Lauren

    That’s not the point. The company that creates these albums takes artists hard work and reearanges it- and its not even good. The reason it bothered him so much is because that’s his favorite artist in the world and they are making a mockery of her music. Don’t judge.