Susan Boyle’s Cover Of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”: Listen To It Now

Earlier today we wrote about the alleged smackdown Lou Reed gave Susan Boyle with regards to her planned performance of his song “Perfect Day” on yesterday’s episode of America’s Got Talent. And while the masses were denied hearing SuBo sing the 1972 ballad, we’ve got her recorded version of the song for your listening pleasure below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Susan Boyle - Perfect Day" dl="0"]

Boyle’s official site has a new update stating the following:

“Yesterday afternoon Susan was due to perform a chosen song from her new album The Gift on America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles. It is with real disappointment and regret that she has been unable to do so due to unforeseen circumstances relating to the song.

“Susan is very disappointed as she had been looking forward to it immensely. She is now on a plane heading back to London with a heavy heart. She would like to say thank you to all those fans who traveled miles to lend their support today.

“Your support is really appreciated by Susan and please be assured every effort was made to try to find a solution. Susan really looks forward to being able to perform her new songs very soon.”

As noted earlier, those “unforseen circumstances relating to the song” involve Reed saying no to Boyle’s performance on AGT because he “doesn’t like” the singer, according the UK paper The Sun.

So what do you think? Now that you’ve heard Susan’s cover, is it much ado about nothing? Or should Lou take a walk on the wild side and let the Britain’s Got Talent alum belt out his tune on TV?

  • Scoo

    Wow, that’s beautiful…gives me goosebumps. She’s amazing.

  • clerinsmadona

    I hardly do. I am 21, and I love rap music, but I find it increasingly harder to listen to hip-hop radio stations……………………………….
    Nox Edge

  • Discount Home Gyms

    She has a great voice, but it is just not the same as the original…

  • Gorilla Atheist

    Does she think she is Sarah Brightman?… This song is meant to have angst… it’s beauty was inherent in the raw emotion of the song… great lyrics deserve an honest delivery… Boyle just didn’t get it…

  • Jam Bruggeman

    I agree with Gorilla Atheist. The song is completely destroyed and overproduced. I still can hear honesty in Boyle’s voice, but she should have resisted doing it this way.

  • http://susanboyle terrie

    Susan’s powerful voice explodes in this song. The first time I heard it, I was overwhelmed by it’s beauty and theatrical melody. Her voice does this song justice and she sounds amazing. I always liked Lou’s version too but he oughta be proud that someone like Susan wanted to take-it-away. I completely melted with joy and happiness when I heard her sing Perfect Day last new years eve.