Fergie Has ‘Glamour’ Covered

The December issue of Glamour is definitely one to pick up—it’s got “9 Naughty Things Even Nice Guys Crave In Bed.” Oh, yeah—creative dresser Fergie is also on the cover, too! Head below to see the full cover shot and another pic of the “London Bridge” songbird from the Glamour piece. In the one-on-one with the grande dame of the Black Eyed Peas, she gives such self-help advice as this: “There were periods of my life when a lot of people didn’t believe in me. [But] I still had faith in myself. I really had to ask myself life questions. Where do I see myself in five years? Create a ladder for yourself, and walk up the steps.” See, that’s how you get to be Billboard‘s Woman Of The Year, folks.Fergie Glamour December 2010On the subject of self esteem, Fergie adds, “For some lucky reason or gift from God, I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was a little girl. And even through disappointments and rejection, there was something inside of me that wouldn’t give up. I’m a survivor, and I’m very driven.” Glamour-ous!

Fergie Glamour inside photo December 2010The new Black Eyed Peas album, The Beginning, is due out November 30. Have a listen to first single “The Time (The Dirty Bit)” here.

[Via Just Jared]