Christina Aguilera Brings ‘Burlesque’ To The ‘Tonight Show’

Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque ballad “Bound To You”—co-written by Aussie singer Sia Furler and Samuel Dixon—is a stunner, and last night she gave a moving performance of the tune on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Ahead of that she sat down with Jay and talked about her music, her son Max and the trials of growing up as a young singing prodigy around Pittsburgh.

Aguilera tells Leno the story of an older man who unplugged her mic while she was singing as a tyke at a party. “As a young kid, that’s pretty traumatizing, for someone to pull the plug on you,” she says. “But look where he is and look where I am now.”

Stay humble, Xtina! Here she performs “Bound To You”.