Preview Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Remixes

Mar 7th, 2011 // 5 Comments

Still think “Born This Way” sounds too much like “Express Yourself”? Stick to the remixes of Lady Gaga’s new single, then, as all the similar Madonna-esque melodies are sucked straight out. Born This Way – The Remixes Part 1 will be available on March 15, and will include the original song and three remixes. Hear snippets of all three below.

Born This Way – The Remixes Part 1 by gagadaily

Which one is your fave? We’re shaking our booties to DJ White Shadow’s mix at Idolator HQ.

  1. Al3

    Chew Fu Remix is the best! The others are more for clubs adn dance, but the Chew Fu Remix sounds like how Born This Way should’ve sounded in the first place.

  2. ZMH

    really? after the epic fail overhype case of born this way she now is hyping the remixes?

  3. ZMH
    Epic fail? It was #1 in all 24 iTunes countries in less than 36 hours after it dropped. It premiered at #1 on Billboard Charts after only 3 days of sales. It’s still #1 for the third week, something NO ARTIST has done in 13 years. It’s already gone Platinum. If breaking records all over the place is a fail, there are plenty of other pop stars who’d love to fail like that.

    The dj White Shadow remix is being sold because it was included in the soundtrack for the Mugler women’s wear show in Paris, and demand is very very high for it. The other two remixes are added value for the EP…4 songs for $5, including the original version.

    If you don’t like her, no one is forcing you to listen to her songs, watch her videos, read articles about her. You are CHOOSING to seek out Gaga-related material just so you can trashtalk her. What kind of life do you have that this is how you get your kicks? That’s sad. Go listen to a singer that makes your heart soar, go crank up the volume on a band that you love. Every minute you spend snarking at Gaga is one minute lost from listening to music that really moves you in one way or another. You’re not hurting Gaga by what you’re doing. You’re only wasting time that could be better spent enjoying the talent of your favs, and other pleasures of life.

  4. Ryan

    Epic fail? The song debuted and stayed at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks (and will probably stay there another week). And how exactly are clips of remixes being posted on Idolator qualify as Gaga “hyping the remixes”?

  5. Ron

    really excited for the DJ white shadow remix, I enjoy the light dubstep

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