Chris Brown Cools Off On The Court (PHOTOS)

Mar 23rd, 2011 // 2 Comments

Chris Brown sure had quite the busy day in NYC yesterday. After starting off Uptown at the Good Morning America studios with a performance and interview-turned-shirtless window-smashing-temper-tantrum, the F.A.M.E. crooner headed Downtown for a pickup game of basketball at the West 4th Street’s famous “Cage”. We’re assuming the “Beautiful People” singer phoned his anger management coach for support and was instructed to put his shirt back on and to blow off some steam by shooting hoops. Talk about March Madness! Click through to see Chris on the courts.

  1. Patsy Ann
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    Robin Roberts was out of line! She kept badgering Chirs Brown. I guess she didn’t understand that he didn’t want to talk about the past. She was like a buzzard picking at the last bit of meat! How sad, someone whom God has been so merciful to would stoop to such levels to prove that she was in control. Another case of black-on-black crime. She is much older than Mr. Brown and she should have used more wisdom. I am sure that she has issues in her past that she doesn’t want people to keep bringing up over and over. Let the young man get on with his life. He satisfied the requirements of the court. As a professional, I expected more out of Ms. Roberts. She should be ashamed of herself! It seems that no matter what level of succes one achieves in this life the base nature of humans is to always try and focus on the failures and mistakes of others! How sad! One thing for sure, people won’t be judged by the way we see them, they will be judged by the way God sees them.

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    i love u Chris Brown

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