Lauryn Hill Pays Tribute To Bob Marley On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

Formerly-reclusive singer Lauryn Hill recently extended her her 12-city tour, but she took a detour last night to participate in the Bob Marley tribute week staged by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Hill has a personal connection to the reggae legend and his legacy — her partner is Marley’s son Rohan, with whom she has five children. Head below to watch soulful Lauryn do that thing while giving rousing performances of “Chances Are” and “Could You Be Loved.”

Hill’s performances caused Jimmy Fallon’s house band leader Questlove to tweet, “imma start what i know will be a rending topic #MsLaurynHill.” See that — Lauryn was so mesmerizing, he forgot to add a “t” to trending!

Lauryn Hill — “Chances Are” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Lauryn Hill — “Could You Be Loved” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  • cathy

    I love you lauryn for this perfomance but thelooking behind you all the time was a bit annoying

  • Brandt Hardin

    What a beautiful tribute! Bob Marley has influenced the entire world with his music, which will live on to be rediscovered by more and more generations to come. His work has affected my life and my art so much. I paid tribute to him with a surreal and psychedelic portrait inspired by his words. You can see it on my artist’s blog at

  • Larry Newman

    She is so awesome, missed her and love her more :)

  • meh

    I’ve never understood the hype over Lauryn. She’s stunningly gorgeous, but I’ve heard many soloists in church choirs who can sing circles around her. Her voice sounds fairly common to me. The bizarre movement of her head to mark every note during “Chances Are” & the actual vocal jumping around on every vowel made me actually yearn for Mariah. Help!

  • Troy

    I love Lauryn, but for some reason, she seems to be on some drugs of some sort. It’s pretty much like the same thing with stars Whitney Houston, Liza Minelli when they abused drugs and alcohol, their demeanor wasn’t as “there” as it should’ve been. But they were functioning drugs users, accept Whitneys abuse got way crazy. Amy Winehouse was even better performance as was Billie Holiday..