Beyonce, Andre 3000 & Kanye West Have A Slow-Jam “Party” On New ’4′ Track

If you thought Kanye West rapping about bathing his so-and-so in Katy Perry’s milky way on “E.T.” was over the top, wait till you get a load of his intro on Beyonce’s newly-surfaced 4 slow jam “Party”: “You a bad girl, your friends bad too / You got the swag sauce, you’re drippin’ Swagu.” Head below to hear Bey and Outkast vet Andre 3000 on the slinky, retro production by West and studio wizard (and Digging profile subject) Jeff Bhasker. Check it below.

“Party” gives off such an old-school ’80s R&B vibe, we might actually have to demand that Beyonce and Andre 3000 get all decked out in full Ashford and Simpson gear for the video (provided this song eventually gets a single release). That vibe is no accident: the track samples Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s legendary 1985 track “La Di Da Di”.

Lyrically, Bey is in the mood for some lovin’. “So in love, I don’t care what they say, I don’t care if they talkin’ tomorrow / ‘Cause tonight’s the night I give you everything,” she belts out in a thick stack of smooth, layered vocals.

Andre takes things further with some very naughty references to milk before switching gears altogether and getting philosophical about his own career with lines like “kiddo say he looks up to me, this just makes me feel old/ never thought that we could become someone else’s hero, man, we were just in the food court, eating our gyro.”

Are you digging Beyonce’s “Party” more than some of the other material you’ve heard off 4 so far?

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  • Xadax

    No. Still waiting for top 10 failtastic lyrics from B & Gaga.

  • eddie

    the whole album leaked and it sucks

  • Jackie

    It’s okay. . . Just Okay !

  • Cee

    The whole album leaked and its getting ILL reviews! music critics love it! only a hater will say it sucks..even non-fans are saying its a great album.

  • Kirsaha

    So Bored

  • supermariah


  • Verssaa

    if this is the way she parties, then it’s boring.

  • MrRadio

    It’s expected that the pop-fanatics (mindless music lovers) dont like Beyonce’s new stuff. But the REAL MUSICIANS can appreciate it! GO AHEAD QUEEN BEY! ROUND 4!!


    eddie suck a dick you homo

  • eddie

    the whole album is crap and it put me to sleep ughhh i love beyonce’s old stuff but this is just a heavy dose of nyquil…I do love the song “Girls” which was a flop by the way just like the whole album’s gonna be oh well…

  • MrRadio

    @eddie you’re clearly the kind of person that doesnt know how to listen to good quality the music on this record. You’d rather just feel obnoxious bass shaking your body and that’s good for you. It’s okay. By the way, it’s obvious u dont even like Bey, so why even bother coming to this article? Really pathetic.
    4 will go #1 JUST LIKE ALL HER OTHERS. Try not to stay to mad. =D
    P.S. You can judge whats a “flop” once i see one of your songs on the charts. Thanks! “to the left” you go!!

  • eddie

    To the left, yeah that’s where beyonce’s gonna go coz I don’t think 4 will sell like her previous releases, come on, the single “Girls” (btw I love the video for this song) didn’t even make it to #1 on itunes. Thank God the album leaked and fans are downloading it and they’re realizing that it is crap which will affect her sales….ouch…u will see!

  • MrRadio

    @eddie Are you still here?? When will you realize you’ve been shut down?! I just LOL-ed at your entire response! You’re truly childish and not worth anyone’s time. ESPECIALLY QUEEN BEY’S! Please…try not to sound stupid & make a fool of yourself anymore. Go sit in the corner!
    #YouMad?? #Fantastic!

  • Trey

    You must not be black. Because this will get us started at our parties!!! Maybe because we actually have rhythm but hey you can guys can jump around all you want lol.

  • RC

    I didn’t know Bey’s supporters were such a bunch of ignorant racist homophobic asswipes.

  • Geena Rolands

    Dear SEVEN BENJAMIN, We all hope that you do not end up like your father who has low self esteem and disrespects himself and women. We hope you have some dignity and get married to one woman one day instead of trying to build your self worth by bedding groupies like your father Andre 3000. Your grandfather Lawrence Walker was never around and your grandmother Sharon Benjamin Hodo had to raise your crooked dad all by herself. Look what happened. Now your own father, Andre 3000, can’t move to Dallas, Texas because he’s broke. He’d rather bed nameless women then spend time with you.

  • Rexall

    @RC WTH are u talking about?! Bey’s supporters are the best fan group EVER! We recognize REAL talent everyday! (i.e. Beyonce) How dare u label us with such hurtful words! Bey would not be pleased. #Round4

  • Jari

    for record its 80′s vibe.. for real yo, i mean think a classic like this is from some one born in the 90′s lets get serious.. people wake-up we been changing the game since..