Ke$ha Goes For A Spin On New Demo “Shots On The Hood Of My Car”

We’ve heard an album’s worth of new material from Ke$ha in the past few weeks, from demos “31 Seconds Alone” to “Revenge”. Today comes another trashy ode to the glitter maven’s naughty-minded dark side with the newly surfaced track “Shots On The Hood Of My Car”. (Because where else would you throw back some shots?) Get this one before it’s gone!

Ke$ha — “Shots On The Hood Of My Car”

In the spacey electro-pop track, K$ talks about watching it all go down with her best pals, drinking the night away. “Sometimes when I think about if the end was about to end / I hope I’d go out with a bang with my sickest friends,” sing-raps K-Dolla, imagining watching “the world explode like it was last call.” Couldn’t she just hop on over to Britney’s apocalypse party from “Till The World Ends”? She did write the damn song!

We just hope that car is parked before she opens up that bottle of Scotch and jumps on the hood of her car. Drink and drive responsibly!

  • Nyan

    It’s ok… Sounds like it should it belong on Animal.

  • vertigoshtick

    You know I love me some Ke$ha, but I gotta say this sure puts the dollar sign in “chee$efest”

  • Thaye

    “Get this one before it’s gone!”

    Sadly, it’s already gone… You should replace the video for an un-blocked one.

    • Becky Bain

      We will as soon as we find one!