Lady Gaga Talks Amy Winehouse On ‘The View,’ Performs “You And I”

Lady Gaga followed up her recent TV appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and So You Think You Can Dance with a stint as guest host on The View today. The houndstooth check-clad songstress discussed, among many things, her thoughts on the passing of Amy Winehouse and her own experiences with hard drugs. She also performed her Born This Way single “You And I.” Watch below!

When discussing the death of 27-year-old Amy Winehouse, Gaga said, “I just think that the most unfortunate thing about it all is the way the media spins things — like we can learn from Amy’s death. I don’t feel that Amy needed to learn any lessons. I felt that the lesson was for the world to be kinder to the superstar. Everybody was so hard on her.”

Gaga went on to discuss how her father talked her out of doing hard drugs years ago. She also said that the late Clarence Clemons, who played the saxophone solo on “The Edge Of Glory” and appears in the video, was “like a father figure” to her.

“I’d say we had like six wonderful months of really close friendship, Clarence and I,” Mother Monster told Whoopi Goldberg. “He really changes your life so quickly. You don’t know why and you can’t explain it, but he just has this godly presence about him.”

Lady Gaga — “You And I” (on The View)

  • Truth Teller

    Gaga was brilliant today on The View. I loved the performance.

  • Howiet

    I am getting very bored of gaga turning everything into ‘about her’. She couldn’t talk for 48 hours?? F*ck right off. Bet she bloody kept on tweeting! She didn’t even know Winehouse. I am over Bandwagon Gaga now…

  • Dr Jennifer Alexander

    Hi, it’s Dr. Jennifer Alexander and I saw Lady Gaga on The View today.
    She was talking about the passing of her friend Amy Whinehouse. Lady Gaga said the most unfortunate thing about it all is the way the media spins things with them saying that we can all learn things from Amy’s death. Lady Gaga went on to say that she feels the lesson we should all learn is to be kinder so superstars.
    What really needs to happen is we all need to learn to be kinder to one another, whether they are a superstar or not. When we see others who have more than we do we can become jealous and mean to them. And on the flip side of that some people treat homeless people like dirt and look down upon them. We need to remember people are fragile human beings with feelings and that if we want this world to be a better place we need to be kinder to everyone.
    But the problem with this concept is that being kinder is just not that simple. It’s not that simple because our brain is like a super highway of neuropathways. Most of our neuropathways are formed by the time we are just 14 years old. So think back when you were a young person. Did you always treat others kindly or were you constantly in competition with your peers? Most kids are in competition mode both in the classroom and on the playground. And as we get older we keep for entry into post secondary schools and then as adults we compete for jobs. What this means is that as adults our brains have formed deep neuropathways in connection with our interactions with others. So ultimately we can consciously say we want to be kinder to others but given our world is so full of constant stressors we most often revert to using our conditioned mind otherwise known as our unconscious mind which then follows the same neuropathway it always has and we then become mean to others. Another reason humans aren’t kinder to others is fear. Many people have a fear of shortage and the mentality amongst most people is, “I want the best for you as long as I’m always better.”
    Hey, but if you want to find out more about how you can re-program your neuropathways to get the results you want in your life I have a great newsletter on my website at so make sure you subscribe to get the latest information… and please make sure you leave your feedback and a comment on this post so I can respond to you.