Rebecca Black Mashes Up “Friday” & “My Moment” On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Rebecca Black really does appear to be having a moment. Sure, she has paparazzi swirling around her, and her mother had to pull the tween star out of school after her viral video fame caused fellow students to bully her. But the flip side is that she’s become BFFs with Katy Perry and gets invited to perform during prime TV gigs. Case in point: last night’s America’s Got Talent results show, where Rebecca mashed up “Friday” (check out that new musical arrangement) and “My Moment.”

Of course, the medley didn’t even last two full minutes. But, still — talent!

  • Sharis

    For sure some Americans have talent…. but she does not….

  • danny

    She sounds like she embarrassed to sing her own song. On YouTube it’s funny and cute but on TV, it’s not prime time good. She doesn’t deserve TV yet.

  • jj

    I don’t understand the hate. Maybe at 16, my comments wouldn’t have been so kind, either. But she has talent. Surely as much as most pop stars at 16 – or now. Maybe she started later, but I think she’s doing fine. The first song was light and bouncy – perfect for the pre-teen crowd. The next song had some substance to it, and she did a great job.
    But for everyone else… go back to hating. It’s the thing to do. Maybe the only thing!

  • Ronnie

    I love Pierce Morgans face when it was over. He looked relieved. lol. Wow, this just proves that in America, you can do whatever you want to do. Even if your horrible at it.

  • LMG

    the whole thing is laughable. but having said that there is no reason to hate on this girl’s dreams. she has just as much talent as some on the radio now. leave her alone and wait and see what she can bring. Look at Kesha, and her dead animals, a laughing stock when she started and now she’s like number 8 or 9. Taylor Swift is one as well that couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag but I will admit she has gotten way better in her live performances in the last year. And NONE of the Jonas Brothers can sing at all but look at them now, popular because they are cute and grabbed the attention of the ‘tweens’. just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean others won’t either. I’m old you see and I am firm in my belief that a singer should be able to sing.