2011 MTV VMAs: Most Watched Ever

Did you catch the VMAs last night? According to the show’s ratings you did — along with 12.4 million other viewers. The 28th annual Music Video Awards were the highest rated in the ever and reportedly the “most-watched single telecast in MTV’s history.” (Take that, Jersey Shore) Was it the performances? The touching Amy Winehouse tribute? Beyonce’s pregnancy news or perhaps simply the recurring appearance of Jo Calderone? Regardless of why it was the most successful night to date, we want to know how you think it ranks among the music network’s previous 27 Moonman extravaganzas. Share your thoughts below.

  • Freddy

    IT WAS THE BRITNEY SPEARS “tribute”!!!!! They always use her for ratings!

  • Oso

    it was a huge fail, regardless.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jermyth-Carcamo/1153560107 Jermyth Carcamo

    I only watched for the Britney Spears tribute even though it wasn’t a good enough tribute, the Awards were kind of tepid.

  • Xadax


  • danny

    I didn’t know Britney was so much taller than Gaga. She’s quite a shorty.