Kelly Clarkson Meets “Mr. Know It All” At iHeartRadio Music Festival

Kelly Clarkson is back in action, ladies and gentlemen. After a too-lengthy moment out of the spotlight, the Stronger songbird is giving her new single “Mr. Know It All” a hefty push with performances on Ellen and The Tonight Show and, most recently, by adding it to her set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Before beginning the number, the self-deprecating superstar joked: “I didn’t want to Downer-Debbie it with a sad ballad and grab a knife, so we’re not doing anymore ballads!” Catch the latest incarnation of “Mr. Know It All” below.

Kelly Clarkson — “Mr. Know It All”

Is it us, or does she get stronger every time she rocks this one?

  • Joseph

    STUNNING! SHE WAS PHENOMENAL ! QUEEN OF THE NIGHT! She owned the night! I love Kelly Clarkson <3

  • HaleyBailey

    i loved it. actually, i loved all 3 that i’ve heard so far.

  • sasi

    I have seen all 3 live performances Leno, Ellen, and Iheart. I loved them all. Kelly is so amazing live. She changes it up every time. She has the best vocals out there and sings with more feeling than anyone in the business.

  • Rainbowhitesnake

    She was my highlight of the iheart music festival.

    By the way, I agree sasi, I too LOVE all three live versions of “Mr. Know It All” (Leno, Ellen, and Iheart.)…What a talent. LOve her band and back up singers Kate & Jill too.