Britney Spears’ Unreleased Track “Everyday” Sounds “Beautiful”

There’s a bit of a Britney Spears fan frenzy online today over the leak of what’s said to be an unreleased song from the “Criminal” diva. That said, there’s no real indicator as to when the ballad, called “Everyday,” was recorded. (Though if it was for Femme Fatale, we can see why it was left off the set of relentless dance-pop jams.) Now, we don’t want to pit the Britney fans against the Christina Aguilera fans — heaven forbid — but we do feel it’s worth noting the slight (put the blunt object down — we said “slight”!) similarities between “Everyday” and Xtina’s 2002 hit “Beautiful”. From the piano chords to the use of “every day” — er, make that everyday — i.e. the very first sung words in “Beautiful,” we get a kind of Christina-like vibe from this newly-surfaced tune. That, of course, could be another reason this one has gone unheard until now; maybe Spears herself felt the same way when all was said and done, and nixed its release.

At any rate, it’s refreshing to hear Brit sans the heavy Auto Tune that’s been employed for the bulk of her material over the past several years. “Every day, the sun comes up again / a little hope begins / and it starts with you, ’cause you get me through it,” she sings on the chorus.

What do you think? Is there a similarity to Xtina’s “Beautiful” here, or do we need to have our ears checked? Let us know below.