Britney Spears’ Unreleased Track “Everyday” Sounds “Beautiful”

There’s a bit of a Britney Spears fan frenzy online today over the leak of what’s said to be an unreleased song from the “Criminal” diva. That said, there’s no real indicator as to when the ballad, called “Everyday,” was recorded. (Though if it was for Femme Fatale, we can see why it was left off the set of relentless dance-pop jams.) Now, we don’t want to pit the Britney fans against the Christina Aguilera fans — heaven forbid — but we do feel it’s worth noting the slight (put the blunt object down — we said “slight”!) similarities between “Everyday” and Xtina’s 2002 hit “Beautiful”.

From the piano chords to the use of “every day” — er, make that everyday — i.e. the very first sung words in “Beautiful,” we get a kind of Christina-like vibe from this newly-surfaced tune. That, of course, could be another reason this one has gone unheard until now; maybe Spears herself felt the same way when all was said and done, and nixed its release.

At any rate, it’s refreshing to hear Brit sans the heavy Auto Tune that’s been employed for the bulk of her material over the past several years. “Every day, the sun comes up again / a little hope begins / and it starts with you, ’cause you get me through it,” she sings on the chorus.

What do you think? Is there a similarity to Xtina’s “Beautiful” here, or do we need to have our ears checked? Let us know below.

  • britley fears

    thank g-d she didn’t release this. she sounds horrid and the music sounds like they tried to recreate ‘beautiful’ using a cheap casio and a ballerina music box.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Britney, you shouldn’t use auto tune for your records – you’ve got so “beautiful”, no, BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!
    I don’t care about the song – I enjoy her REAL voice!

  • Julie Pham

    I think Everyday is a great song Britney vocals are amazing on here. She should sing more songs like this on the album.

  • Elisha Hilker

    can’t listen doesn’t show up

  • Jerel Marquez

    Britney Spears is amazing! :-D

  • Jersonbr

    It’s Britney Sweet Bitchhh :)

  • dd

    yes, it sounds like beautiful, i thought so even before reading this article, so i am glad it didnt make the final cut coz brit is always so original and never copies anyone
    however… she sounds great!! i miss her voice, i cant see why she doesn’t use it more often it reminded me of young britney… she an amazing voice love her!!

  • bop

    the lyrics sounds nothing like “beautiful”. some of the piano rifts sound a little like beautiful but its nowhere near copying. its a good slow song..not as good as”everytime” lol but “everyday” is good.”criminal” is more of a copy from supertramps “logical song” than “everyday” is from “beautiful”. “state of grace” by britney is a really good slow song. lol i love all these quotation marks

  • Alex

    Oh wow total “Beautiful” rip-off. She shouldn’t release ballads because she’ll have to stop and sing for them. She can’t dance like her dance pop songs for ballads. Her retarded fan’s excuse for her not singing live is cause she’s dancing and what not. Well with ballads tha bitch ain’t moving so she should sing, but she doesn’t. She lipsycned Everytime.

  • Friskyy Kaunang

    yeah it’s a bit like Beautiful but hell yeah long live Britney!!

  • dewin

    I don’t think it sounds like Beautiful. Like maybe barely. I do think she sounds like she’s trying to stretch her voice to meet Aguillera’s range though, and she’s not really making it. But, all in all, I love it! It is good to hear her sing again! Just the other night I was listening to all of her old ballads just to be able to actually hear her voice. I love her new stuff, but I miss her voice.

  • bop

    alex go crawl back in your little pathetic muskrat monster hole. you would have that ugly whorse as your default. so going by that ugly pic and your douche bag post i would say you refer to yourself as a “little monster”…wow. do your job and follow that unoriginal copy cat whorse cuz thats all what “little monsters” can do since most of them are sad lonely losers that need an ugly mother monster whorse to sing to them. GO LITTLE MONSTER GOOOOO. go back to hell cuz your going back there eventually.

  • Merle


  • anita

    The music sounds a little alike;but they are totally two different songs;both songs have differennt words to them.Britney it sounds great. I am not a star like you and don’t want to be.Britney i know you put up with alot from people.But you hang in there girl;and hold your head up high.

  • starstream42

    One can sing “Beautiful” alongside “Everyday” and they would harmonize…same chord changes. That’s a clue that “Everyday” certainly is a ripoff. It’s the melody that counts, not the lyrics. Both are beautiful songs, and Britney does a creditable job, but Christina has the chops. ‘Nuff said!

  • brit luvr

    britney haters are just retarded . britney haters , you all SUX

  • sdefdsfs

    go buy a 99 cent album bitch!
    your artist is the epitome of a rip off bitch!

  • jgdeejay

    Maybe Linda Perry sold the tune to both ladies, in any case it proves Brit can SING!!! She’s not on par with Alicia. Christina. or Mary Mary, but…she far from …baby one more time.

  • Jonathan

    I saw her live in concert two months ago and she sang live. All the reviews agree. So I guess its you against the world thinking she lip-syncs. She did a few years ago when she was recovering.

  • Eindui

    So Both songs do sound similar in some aspect and here’s proof: