Katy Perry’s “Ur So Gay”: At Your Request

We hit the rewind button on today’s At Your Request and time travel all the way back to 2007. It was a simpler time, long before the days of iPads and Hulu when the world had no a clue that a girl from Southern California named Katy Perry was headed for total domination. Below we break down the first pop musical offering from the upcoming SNL host.

Today’s request for Katy Perry’s “Ur So Gay” comes from a person near and dear to our hearts, @vertigo_shtick. While theteenage dream has become the first artist since Janet Jackson to produce six top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits (and all from one album, mind you), this anti-emo track didn’t even chart. It did serve as a “soft hello” for the pop star’s album One Of The Boys — and boy did it pave the way for “I Kissed A Girl”!

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Check back with us tomorrow for another episode fresh from the Idolator ovens. While we try to track down our favorite H&M scarves, why not send us your song requests via Twitter or Facebook. Heck, you can even comment below.