Justin Bieber Debuts New Song “Be Alright” And Duets With “Baby” Sister Jazmyn

It doesn’t get any cuter than this — Justin Bieber brought his four-year-old baby sister Jazmyn to the stage during his Home For The Holidays concert in Toronto for a “duet” of “Baby,” which, if not exactly sonorous, was about as precious as precious can be. (For proof, just listen to the audience cooing and cheering the whole way through.) The clip was filmed for Canadian TV, joining his iTV special This Is Justin Bieber in the UK. And Christmas came a few days early for these Beliebers, because the sharp-looking singer also debuted a new acoustic song called “Be Alright.” Check it out below.

Justin Bieber, “Be Alright”

It may be too early yet to tell if Jazmyn has the pipes to join her big brother in his pop stardom, but “Be Alright” indicates a slightly more mature sound for Justin that indicates he may just be around for awhile. Let us know if it’s alright by you on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.