Kelly Clarkson Will Sing The National Anthem At Super Bowl XLVI

You don’t just have to be a sports fan to tune in to Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 — being a pop music fan, however, is essential. In addition to half-time performances from Madonna and Nicki Minaj, the AP has confirmed that Kelly Clarkson will be kicking off (pun intended) the championship game by singing the national anthem — perhaps while wearing a Ron Paul pin? (We kid!)

The recent SNL performer and soon-to-be Voice mentor‘s pre-game set will also include a duet of “America The Beautiful” by husband and wife country sensations Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Hmm, Blake and Kelly performing on NBC on February 5? If we didn’t know any better we would think the network was trying to get us to stay tuned for the Voice premiere following the game. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Kels doesn’t follow in the footsteps of last year’s national anthem chanteuse, The Voice‘s own Christina Aguilera, and remembers all the lyrics.

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  • Fan4me

    lol this is amazing news but knowing Kelly, she probably will forget the lyrics. :p

  • Rita

    Hasn’t Kelly had enough opportunities to sing the NA at sporting events? Why doesn’t the HOMOPHOBIC freakin USA allow Adam Lambert to sing? I hate the USA so freaking much right now!!!!

  • Miss Kay

    Oh what a surprise — another Idol winners sings the SuperBowl SSB!

    Seriously, I am a Kelly fan but there are so many better and more creative choices. And sorry that Sandi Patty didn’t get the nod.

  • musicfan

    Please, Kelly who is one of the top three best vocalists in today’s music is one of the best choices to sing the anthem. It’s about time she sang it at the Super Bowl. And no there is not so many better and more creatives choices Miss Kay. You are like the only Kelly “fan” who is not thrilled with the newsw. @Rita, maybe they have chosen Idol singers to sing it these past few years is because Idol singers can sing better than the majority of today’s singers who are not from Idol. When Kelly sings the anthem she is going to show everybody how it’s done and even though Kelly sometimes forgets the lyrics to her own songs I doubt she will forget the lyrics to anthem. :)

  • musicfan

    Oops ignore the @rita. I didn’t mean to put that there my mistake.

  • lb

    As much as I LOVE kelly- sorry I was hoping for adam lambert to sing it this time. I just knew they wouldn’t let him even though he would of been absolutely amazing.

  • Isaac Mitchell

    Finally, the best choice no doubt is Kelly!!!!!

  • Adam Fan

    Would have loved for Adam to sing it but if not, then I’m glad it’s Kelly. Both of them have amazing voices. Way to go Kelly!!

  • Theresa Dailey

    If it had been ADAM singing … I would have tuned in at the beginning … but since it’s not … I’ll pass … no hard feelings … just not interested. Congrats to Kelly!!


  • 12th Man

    I think her recent single “Mr. Know-it-All” ought to be dedicated to Brainy Smurf, if only he existed in the real world, but he doesn’t. He’s a cartoon character.