Justin Bieber’s 18th Birthday: 10 Reasons Why He’s The Coolest 18-Year-Old Ever

It’s Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday today! And even though the pop star still isn’t old enough to legally order a drink stateside or in his native Canada (well, except in Quebec where the drinking age is 18), we’re commemorating Bieber’s entrance into adulthood with a very special list. You’ll see why hordes of teen girls want to date him, why grown men want to be him and why the name Justin Bieber will dominate every Twitter feed and Google search today. Because today marks the day when Justin Bieber becomes the coolest 18-year-old to have ever walked the planet. And these are the reasons why.

1. Justin Bieber is the Twitter King. Lady Gaga may be the ruling celebrity on social-networking site Twitter, but Justin Bieber is hot on her heels. With more than 17 million followers, just two million behind Mama Monster, JB is the most followed dude in the world. And even those who aren’t part of the online Belieber movement want to know who he is: The “Live My Life” singer was 2011′s most Googled person.

2. Justin Bieber’s a family man. JB isn’t content just loving his family; he wants to share that love with all of his fans. Justin often posts adorable Instagram pics of his brother, Jaxon, and sister, Jazmyn.

3. Justin Bieber makes dreams come true. The singer isn’t just sweet on his family. On Valentine’s Day this year, Justin granted one little girl’s wish when he visited and fake-married six-year-old Avalanna, who has cancer. The fake-newlywed later tweeted: “…MrsBieber really inspired me. really.”

4. He has a lot, so he gives even more. With sold-out tours and high-charting albums, it’s no secret that the Biebs is loaded. But he’s not keeping all that dough to himself. DoSomething.org named Justin the second most charitable celebrity of 2011 — right behind Gaga again. Working with foundations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation (see #3 on this list), charity : water, and Pencils of Promise, Justin is set on helping make the world a better place.

5. Justin Bieber is an advocate of safe…driving. The singer’s do-gooder attitude extends to the young screaming girls who crowd his concerts, so Justin starred in an anti-texting-while-driving PSA for PhoneGuard. It just goes to show that Bieber knows his audience, and his endorsement of the app is something fans’ parents can get behind.

6. Justin Bieber knows how to merchandise. Sure, you can cover your walls with posters torn out of teen idol magazines or wear your favorite Justin Bieber T-shirt every day. But the Biebs knows his Beliebers want to express their fandom in new creative ways. That’s why you’ll find products such as a bouquet of red roses (complete with fan club membership) and Bieber’s lucrative women’s fragrance “Someday” at the merch table.

7. He’s an author. Instead of letting strangers write “unauthorized” biographies of his life, Justin decided to publish not one but two books. His first, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, hit bookshelves in October 2010, and his next one, Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started, debuted the following September.

8. He’s got friends in high places. With Selena Gomez for a girlfriend and Usher as his mentor, Justin Bieber is surrounded by A-list stars that often follow him into the recording studio. He teamed up with Ludacris on the smash hit “Baby”, and has also collaborated with Jaden Smith, Sean Kingston and Boyz II Men. The rumor du jour is that he’s headed to work with Drake and possibly Ke$ha.

9. He’s hosting SNL. After all the parodies and wisecracks — including the ones he made himself — Bieber will have the opportunity, like Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake before him, to host Saturday Night Live. But will he be able to top his dramatic death scene on CSI Miami?

10. Even Hallmark wants a piece. Justin Bieber will most likely receive hundreds, if not, thousands of birthday cards today. But none will be as special as Hallmark’s line of birthday cards created especially for this very day.

— Reporting by Emily Tan

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  • Amrutha


    Justin Beiber is Eighteen today???

    I didnt know that…

    I thought he is turning 17!

    I am not a belieber, but I love his songs…

  • DanilD

    HAPPY ADULTHOOD JB !!! We respect you
    Justin you can’t imagine haw many fans you have in Uzbekistan!

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    “dreams come true” –> sure if your dreams are to get desperate because of him.

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    He is officially a pedophile now. HAHAHAHAHAHA sucker

  • http://Hesucksbro Justin suck my cock

    he sucks

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    Happy Birthday JB:)))

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    Justin Happy Bithday I Love you so much and with all me heart you are so awesome

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    I am totally a believer and I love your songs and everything about you have a big heart

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    happy birthday justin luv u

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    Happy Birthday Justin!! :)

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    me and my friend paola said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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    omg jb i have been waitin for this day all year. it is marked on my calender. you are tha best celeb ever.LOL. i love u happy bday

  • ridwana

    wtf is the point of being omg he’s my bf blah blah he isn’t going to freaking care about u yeah u that 1 fan dreaming me and bieber meeting accidently in a park or those frigin fairytale dreams chicks get with there fav celeb, ur just one out of the million he doesn’t even know u why the fudge wud he care am i rite or am i right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    Happy Birthday Justin! I’m a big fan. I hope you have a great birthday. :)

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    heyy justin happy 18th birthday i am a big fan i love you and your music keep doing what you are doing and you will keep all your fans and gan fans to <3

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    heyyy justin bieber happy 18th birthday and i like your new car you got today and i am ur number 1 fan i love u .

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    if he sucks then why did you bother looking this page up in the first place?

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    Happy birthdayjustiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin <3 <3 <3 with best wishes for you

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    yesterday was his bday i just wanted to say happy 18th birthday justin and are truly amazyong keep it up

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    you are not right.. you never no what is going to happen!

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    I’ll support him no matter what, made a vid to support him on his charitable deed he said he wish us fans to do, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_0oGDtfeMM

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    i love you justin so much

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    justin happy and prosperous birthday for u let this 18th birthday make u a king of pop music happy birthday I love u a lot Iam an indian fan of u on my birthday i wanna meet u my birthday is on june 5. i wish that i would meet u before my age of18 just keep on rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!