Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”: Listen

If you haven’t yet had your morning coffee, here’s something new to get you “Wide Awake.” Try as we might, it’s impossible not to associate Katy Perry’s latest tunes with her short-lived marriage to Russell Brand. “Part of Me” was a sassy kiss-off to an ex-lover, and now we have Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection track “Wide Awake,” a more contemplative ditty on the same subject, on which Katy sings: “I’m falling from cloud nine.” Hear it in full below.

Katy Perry — “Wide Awake”

A worthy addition to the Teenage Dream collection, we say. It’s out March 26.

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  • ex-on

    amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing i love the bridge

  • http://cindymaltco.uk cindymalt

    are yoyu in the rush to find a man in the muskic of hot in cold do you arother flushed away to all the girls on your side and even think of another expected man that lost the bride in america do you even think wuold be a runa way btride is that just only uou aolne is it

  • Kian Bandelaria


  • http://www.quotesforafriend.com Quotes For A Friend

    The song will not play :(

  • Juvi

    Nice but heared better songs from her

  • Mary

    Why would anyone buy her new album that has the same singles and 3 much older? She’s trying to be relevant and she copies GaGa so much. She’s so desperate!