Justina’s “Bubble Gum” Video: Idolator Premiere

Mar 26th, 2012 // 14 Comments

Kelis once boasted that her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard, but newcomer Justina ups the metaphor ante with her irresistible “Bubble Gum”. Sounding like a quirky cross between Dev and Kreayshawn, the New Jersey-born MC is probably not rapping about dental hygiene on the lead single of her forthcoming mixtape Route 80. That becomes increasingly apparent in the cute and colorful video, which finds the orally-fixated diva chewing gum in the most unlikely places. Jump below for a full-flavored burst of Justina!

“I am so excited to premiere the first single off my Route 80 mixtape coming this spring,” sweet-toothed brunette Justina tells us. “‘Bubble Gum’ is about having fun, feeling wild and sexy, and being yourself. I am currently a recovering gum addict and maybe this video will help me cut down from five packs a day to two. But I doubt it! So let’s get it poppin’. Hope you enjoy! Dirty mouth? Clean it up!”

Justina — ”Bubble Gum”

As for the clip, our heroine merrily pops gum while sprawled on the counter of a liquor store before hitting up the club to grind the night away with her girls. You just know it’s only a matter of time before Ke$ha calls Justina to hang out!

In addition to boosting the sales of confectionery, the feisty MC will also be joining the Warped Tour in July. No doubt she’ll perform her Shyboogs-produced single ,as well as songs like “Hard To The Body” and “Reputation”, which have appeared on hit TV shows like Smash and Running Russel Simmons.

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  1. Freddy

    Hot video! She is much better than those other female rappers.

  2. that was terrible. white trash to boot.

  3. In Love

    This VIDEO is HOT!!!!!!!! Jed Camara seems like a huge hater. How is she white trash?

  4. Justina's number 1 fan

    God i love this girl! she is way better than that Nikki Minaj

  5. Jakklyn

    Love her!!!! This is sooooo fresh!!!!

  6. Oh I don’t know In Love….vision maybe? I’m not impressed with the song, the video. Maybe she might be great, maybe she won’t. If you love her that’s great, I’m just giving my opinion.

  7. 2damnfunny

    Ummm…so far not impressed but will wait to hear more. The flow is pretty simple and nothing memorable regarding her lyrics.

  8. 3 thumps up!!! Went from a 2-3 because of the quality of booty in the video and the gum being swiped between Justina’s butt cheeks. Would’ve been a 4 if they had a female stripper instead of a male IMO. Holla at me if you need any Security for future videos and performances.

  9. HipAficianado

    Come on, this is pure garbage. Warped tour? Yet another reason not to attend a failing festival.

  10. Seriously

    Zero originality, You should just call the track “I wanna be Nicki Minaj” Yet another rapper unable to pioneer a distinct sound, just following the trends. FAIL

  11. David

    You guys r such haters. She sounds NOTHING like Nicki minaj. Nicki is just the only female rapper out doing anything and thats why u make the comparison cornball. This chick is hot

  12. Haha back in the day we went to the club with lollipops. Now it looks like the game has switched up to Bubble Gum! Nice work Justina!

  13. The Music Legend

    Before you bash on the artist, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You cant compare her to Nicki Minaj for two reasons. First, Justina has been in the game longer than Nicki with her own style, never copied anyone. Do your research. Second, Justina can rap circles around Nicki in a freestyle battle, I’ve heard her. I support J to the fullest. Just do your research before you compare her to someone very different. But personally, I dig this video. The whole bubble gum topic is great!

  14. Trendstar

    Stripper and gym? I am in! Justina is cute to boot! xo

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