2012 Billboard Music Awards: Watch The Performances

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If He Was Your BF, Justin would Never Let You Go
Were you glad The Wanted came to Las Vegas’ MGM Grand to perform at the Billboard Music Awards this year? Did Justin Bieber have you wishing he was your boyfriend when he took to the stage? Were you wide awake to see Katy Perry swinging and singing from the rafters? We could go on and ask if you turned up the music for Chris Brown or were blown away by Carrie Underwood, but we’ll just can the corniness and let you get to the performances below. (And catch Bieber above!)

LMFAO — “Party Rock Anthem” / “Sorry for Party Rocking” / “Sexy and I Know It” at the Billboard Music Awards

The Wanted — “Chasing The Sun” / “Glad You Came” at the Billboard Music Awards

Chris Brown — “Turn Up The Music” at the Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson — “Dark Side” at the Billboard Music Awards

Usher — “Scream” at the Billboard Music Awards

Carly Rae Jepsen — “Call Me Maybe” at the Billboard Music Awards

Carrie Underwood — “Blown Away” at the Billboard Music Awards

Linkin Park — “Burn It Down” at the Billboard Music Awards

Katy Perry — “Wide Awake” at the Billboard Music Awards

Nelly Furtado — “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” at the Billboard Music Awards

Stevie Wonder & Alicia Keys — “Higher Ground” / “Overjoyed” / “Empire State of Mind” / “Join Our Love” / “Superstition”

Who gave your favorite performance at the Billboard Music Awards? Let us know your thoughts below, or by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Luke

    Where are the rest of the performances?

  • Jed

    Chris Brown can keep performing that song but it’s never going to catch on. He needs to release something else less generic and cliched.

  • jay

    All justin does is copy Adam Lambert

  • janice

    carrie underwood still has the best voice & blows everyone away with her liver performances they are always great

  • mdb

    Katy Perry, contemporary class act.
    Stevie Wonder/Alicia Keys, timeless class act.

  • classdepartments

    Chris needs to stop dancing for once on these “live” shows..and sing something “live” instead of lipsyncing.

  • Lp4life

    Linkin park was by far the best and the only one not lipsing and has true talent

  • Montcalm

    LOVED Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful performance. Love the stage setting and her incredible and emotive voice. She looked beautiful as well.

  • Montcalm

    Lp4life, loved Linkin park, but it’s untrue that they were the only ones not lipsinging. Kelly Clarkson sang 100% live, I believe Carrie Underwood did as well.