Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” Remixed By Flo Rida: Listen

Where has Rihanna been? Hanging out with Flo Rida, apparently . Well, actually, the two of them probably never met up when Flo remixed RiRi’s current hit “Where Have You Been”. Was this new rendition, which features the “Whistle” hit-maker trading lines of the song with the Barbadian pop princess, absolutely necessary? Probably no more so than when Flo inserted himself into Rihanna’s previous smash “We Found Love” after the fact. Hear the Rida-fied “Where Have You Been” below.

Guess your tolerance for Flo’s ad-libs will depend on your penchant for lines about being “the baddest” and “gotta be the king in the club”, etc. We’re guessing this has more to do with upping the rapper’s own profile ahead of the July 3 release of his new LP Wild Ones than Rihanna needing any assistance.

Do you think Flo Rida had much to add to Rihanna’s hit, or should he have left the dance jam as is?

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