Kylie Minogue Eats Doritos Off Joe Manganiello’s Gut On ‘The Soup’

Pop diva Kylie Minogue has The Best Of Kylie Minogue (out now) and new single “Timebomb” (also out now) to promote. Actor Joe Manganiello has the new season of True Blood and male stripper flick Magic Mike to promote. Naturally, these two ending up on the same TV show at the same time isn’t out of the ordinary. But Kylie eating Doritos off a bare prosthetic (we think?) beer gut attached to Joe? That’s just kind of…ick.

Alas, that’s what happened on last night’s episode of The Soup. While hanging with host Joel McHale, Minogue also took a few seconds to rip on new ABC Family series Bunheads and spin it into an excuse to cue up that video clip of 10-year-old Ryan Gosling dancing to C+C Music Factory in 1991. Watch the Doritos incident above, and catch Kylie’s comedic chops below.

Kylie Minogue on The Soup