Nicki Minaj Is “A Republican Voting For Mitt Romney” In Lil Wayne’s “Mercy” Remix

The ever-prolific Lil Wayne dropped his latest free mixtape Dedication 4 on Labor Day (Sep. 3), but it’s Nicki Minaj getting all the buzz thanks to her politically-minded verse on Lil Tunechi’s “Mercy” remix. Over Kanye‘s G.O.O.D. Music beat, Minaj boasts about her wealth before sneering “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches is fucking up the economy.” This isn’t the first time Minaj has gotten political. Previously, she tweeted at the President regarding his healthcare reforms, asking for universal free healthcare. We’re no political wonks, but we’re pretty sure that isn’t part of Romney’s platform. Hear Nicki’s snippet after the jump.

We’re reluctant to call this a true endorsement, but it would certainly diversify Romney’s field of music backers, which currently includes the likes of Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s worth noting that after Nicki’s verse, Lil Wayne brought the song into more familiar territory by dropping a string full of — what else? — clever and hilariously filthy sexual innuendo. Head over to Rap-Up to hear the full song.

Do you think Minaj gave a real endorsement, or is she punking the hip-hop world? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Kisa

    She is garbage anyway!!! It’s not a surprise that someone like her would make such a statement. But to let you know Nicki Minaj, you are unclassy, nasty, a disgrace to women, tasteless, and just like the rest of the world who believes in the Republican bullcrap!!! Of course, you would vote for someone like Romney, you probably don’t pay your taxes anyway, and to let you know everybody in America is not “lazy”. Some people are just unfortunate, and if it wasn’t for these so call “lazy b!tcH you wouldn’t be where you are today!!! Remember that on election day!!!

  • nobama2012

    Like the democrats are any better with their savior Obama

    • Terry

      We are!!

      OBAMA 2012 all day long!!

  • Jay Dave

    People should never be criticized for views! This is horrible. If she would have endorsed Obama, she wouldn’t have gotten death threats. That is just messed up. WHO cares… everyone is entitled to his or her opinion!

  • B.T.

    Kisa, you are a one-sided bigot. I’m neither for Romney or Obama, i support Ron Paul, but your comments are too worthless to be even worthy of being taken seriously.

  • Terry

    It shows that she is ignorant to the real issues. Leave it up to Romey and his crew she wouldnt have any rights to her own body. I hope all the DEMOCRATS that supports her think really hard about buying her CD’s or supporting her. After all most of her supporters Im sure are democrats and keeping her bank account fat.

  • Cyntia

    Had no idea who this was. But…She can’t sing. Why is she even making money singing. Good grief, people, (who think she is good) you must be tone death. GEEZ.

    • queen4life

      uhh no she a rapper and listen to her music….she’s all bout fun. i think she’s all bout the kids ….with all the bright colors and videos. and her lyrics…i think she just wanted to be different from others. like rhinna , alica , ciara and beyonce. they are pretty much the same but nicki she’s bright :)

    • efew

      tone death?? really? you may want to hold off on the criticism there

  • porsha

    You know what it dont matter cause at the end of the day we cant get mad at anybody becaues the have there one opinion. just do what you feel is right in your heart. all this hate is what the devil is feeding off of. let her do her and you do you. “Obma for President”

  • queen4life

    how could she vote for romey like he really cares bout her? and this is coming from a big fan of her …..seriously let romney get in office and were all going down. listen to his speeches and conversations and tell me …..does he really NEED to be in office? in my opinion he’s a waste of space.

  • efew

    this is just a song you tools