Christina Aguilera Wants “Your Body”: Hear Xtina’s Comeback

The wait is over! Today (Sep. 14) Christina Aguilera released “Your Body,” the first single off her forthcoming album Lotus (Nov. 13). The song is a dubby, clubby come-on written by pop engineer Max Martin with Shellback and Savan Kotecha. Hear the single after the jump.

Musically, it’s an interesting fit for Aguilera— the relaxed tempo should allow her to really dig in and belt it out, but she never truly lets loose. Vocally it’s not one of her biggest songs, however, a weaker voice would have been smothered by the layered electronics. Lyrically, she’s in full Xtina mode, with feisty lines like “So don’t even tell me your name / All I need to know is whose place.”

[via That Grape Juice]

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  • Bri Tampico

    Wao! This is S.E.X.Y. Mama’s back! Better than ever!
    Love the fact that she is being herself, staying humble and working with Max Martin, great Xtina! Check out this cover while y’all are at it!
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  • Jed Camara Ocot

    While I think she sounds better than she did on the entire “Bionic” album, I just can’t help but feel a little letdown by this single. Is this the best she could come up? A song about a one night stand? Really?

    • MusicSoul

      I wouldn’t worry much about 1st singles. She usually does poppy-in-the-moment-trendy 1st singles, but her album is definitely something I am looking forward to. Singles are meant to be radio-friendly. Christina never disappoints with strong ballads though.

      Christina has one of those voices which I am excited to hear new materials from.

  • Kayden.

    Perfect 1st comeback single. Clubby, catchy, radio-friendly, but not corny or predictable. Strong voice, but not overpowering.

  • lara

    its okay, not my fave,. i actually thought bionic was better, don’t know why it gets such a bad rap, it’s a very underrated album.