Fiona Apple Apologizes For The “Bulls***,” Clarifies “Lockbox” Rant

Fiona Apple on Monday (September 24) in New Orleans apologized to her fans for all the drama surrounding her recent marijuana arrest, according to Billboard. During the performance, she told the crowd “I’m really, really sorry that all the work that we did is being overshadowed by all this bullshit.”

By “all this bullshit,” we’re assuming she means: her September 19 arrest in Sierra Blanca, TX for drug possession (which cost her a night in jail and $10,000 bond), her ensuing rant that the cops treated her illegally and that she would make them “fucking famous” and then the sheriff’s office response that she should “just shut up and sing.”

It’s worth noting Apple didn’t explicitly apologize for the drug possession itself. But she did address her perplexing lockbox comments. If you’ll remember, while ranting against the officers who jailed her, she said at a recent show, “I wrote it all down with your names and everything you did and said…I then ripped the paper up, but not before I encoded it and — I got two lock boxes. We’ll call them ‘holding cell one’ and ‘holding cell two.’ In ‘holding cell one’ is the encoded version of the shit that you did that I know was inappropriate and probably illegal. In ‘holding cell two’ is the decoder. I’m the only one who holds the key.”

On Monday, she clarified (we guess?) those comments: “There are no fucking lock boxes. I didn’t make up a code…It was my way of drawing a parallel between the self. I am not that fucked up.” OK! So, now that that’s all behind her…to paraphrase one Rusty Fleming, we can all just shut up and let her sing again.