Gwyneth Paltrow & Cameron Diaz Rapping: Watch Because It’s Gywneth Paltrow & Cameron Diaz Rapping

Remember in the late ’90s when rap first took over mass culture and every cereal commercial featured rapping and maybe your teachers or your dad would occasionally say something like “it’s da bomb” or “say what?!” and you thought for sure that such developments meant rap was dead? Well, we may have called it a few years too early. But now, we can officially declare: rap is dead. Because after Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz got it in their clutches, all that remained was a discarded pile of bones.

The two actresses sent Chelsea Handler a rapping telegram to celebrate her move to a new studio, which we guess is the Hollywood equivalent of sending a box of cupcakes as a housewarming gift. Watch it up top. To Kanye, Jay-Z, Eminem and all the other MCs along the way: thanks for the memories! You guys can go home now. [via Oh No They Didn’t]