Kris Allen Reveals Baby News & Gets In Car Accident

Oh man! What a busy week American Idol winner Kris Allen has had, right? Probably the busiest in quite some time, especially since the sparkly-eyed crooner parted ways with label RCA back in September and we’ve hardly heard a peep from him since. But now we know what he’s been up to: Getting into car crashes and makin’ babies. All-around good family fun here.

Yes, the Idol champ announced via Twitter that he’d been in a car accident with his wife Katy Allen — a head-on collision, no less! — but also took the opportunity to reveal that the pair have a baby on the way (while giving Ford a nice plug, because why not?). 

First, Allen tweeted:

Then, he set to work popularizing the rarely-used #gonnabeadaddy hashtag:

And finally reminded fans that his tour is still happening, even though he’s injured:

So there you go. He’s #gonnabeadaddy, his wrist is broken and he’s still touring. You can’t keep a good man down.

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  • SG

    You know what? You are such an ass hole. To try to bring Kris down that way while knowing he is going to go through surgery Friday. It’s understandable you don’t follow his new, cause he shouldn’t have won American Idol..right?! But after RCA, Kris had a new album (Thank You Camellia) to promote, new Christmas album (waiting for Christmas) which was a Christmas iTunes hit, toured Kenya with ‘the world vision’ organization to help children in Kenya, #SpiritofChristmasTour & finally was preparing for his 2013 tour, his “Out Alive Tour”, which will start on January 8th, which of course you wouldn’t mention in your report, because God forbids, it will make Kris look still being very much active in the music industry & he’ll keep being there for a long time, fingers crossed.

  • NotasbiganaholeasSam

    Very mature blogger. Actually I’ve never seen Kris so happy as when he departed RCA. He’s happy. You haven’t heard a peep out of him…then you must have your head buried in the sand or perhaps up someone else’s derriere. Your loss. Your idiotic blog. Go away fool.

  • joan

    You would think you might show a little sympathy for someone being in a head on collision with his pregnant wife that totaled his car.The driver of the other car was completely at fault,by the way.He’s having surgery tomorrow.Doesn’t sound like family fun,as you put it.
    I have seen him in concert 5 times in NY since the summer.I missed the star studded charity event for Steve van Zandt,Elvis Costello,The Boss,etc in which he performed..sounds like he’s pretty busy to me.
    I am totally mystified by your incredibly nasty attitude toward someone who everyone who meets him says he is a genuine nice guy.Is being a good scandal free family man a bad thing?

  • Carole

    I am very confused that you think Kris Allen has not been active with his music! He produced an amazing Cristmas EP, “Waiting For Christmas” which you should check out! His album before that,”Thank You Camelia” is featured on top 25 albums of 2012 and is awesome! Kris is the consummate singer, songwriter, musician who writes and sings from his heart! He has a large fan base who appreciate his talent and yet, he is so underrated and under appreciated by the pop music industry. Kris is one of the few REAL talents out today!