Justin Bieber Photographed While Allegedly Smoking Weed

A mere few days after a paparazzo who claimed he saw Justin Bieber smoking marijuana behind the wheel was killed, the pop star is allegedly caught smoking the illegal substance (well, illegal depending on what state you live in). TMZ has posted photos of Bieber at a hotel party on January 2 with what looks like a blunt in his hand. There’s no word on whether the pics are real or fake, but let’s just say he’s not having the best 2013 so far.

Bieber was reportedly hanging out with his friend Lil Twist and Twist’s brother, who is said to have supplied the stash, in Newport Beach, California. Sources told the site that the “Beauty And A Beat” singer’s security was actually present at the party, but apparently didn’t mind people taking pics of what would be the world’s most obvious scandal. Read Bieber’s quasi-response after the jump.

Biebs took to Twitter after the photos were posted, seemingly addressing the incident:


Well, that’s certainly one way to give a non-answer as to what was really going on in those pics.

[via TMZ]

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  • Mallory

    People he would never do something like that. If your a belieber you would know that. It’s called photo shop,you can add whatever you want to a picture to make it look real. Honestly if he is he now knows better because he has learned from his mistakes. You can believe the rumors but , it just gets him more publicity.

    • GS

      Keep living that dream… and don’t choke on the kool-aid !

      Ganja is everywhere – and magnitudes safer than alcohol…

    • Alaa Yassine

      hey he is not a perfect guy, he does mistake like anyone else so please stop living in that box you are in letting everything good in while bad stuff are kept outside, at last those bad stuff are gonna pile and will hit you right in the face.

  • GS

    If he is under 21 – Then its Illegal anywhere… Unless he has a med permit

  • jamison

    smoke weed errrdayyy word to jbeebs

  • Omar El Bob

    Love Justin

  • MaryJane

    Hey Guys— Justin is Perfect. If your really a belieber you would realize what ever he does is his decision. Doesn’t mean all his fans have to follow it just means he is trying to have a normal teen experience as well as dealing with alot of stress most people dont have to deal with. I am 100% with Justin and if he wants to smoke weed that just make him 10 times better than he was in my books from before because it makes him calm and relaxed and thats all that matters! Lets Think about Justin Why dont we!! Love you Justin #Forever&Always

  • PE

    I saw the pictures and it’s no joint – that’s what we call it in Holland. If it has anything to do with smoking, it’s a cigarette filter.

  • nicole

    i love jusin but that hurt me when i saw te pictures of him smoking cause i never thought justin would do that. i think that lil twist is a bad influnce.