Backstreet Boys Reunite With Max Martin For “Beautiful Song” On New Album

While talking about his potentially televised wedding and the three screenplays he’s shopping around to “big studios in Hollywood” (?!), Nick Carter revealed a few delicious morsels about the forthcoming Backstreet Boys album. Carter said the album is “90 percent done,” and that it includes a song with Max Martin (for the uninitiated, he’s the pop mastermind behind “I Want It That Way,” “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and several other BSB hits). “It’s a smash,” Nick said of the cut. “A beautiful song.”

The Boys have attacked their reunion from all angles in the past year or so. In October, they set off on a cruise celebrating their 20th anniversary, and the following month unveiled a new Christmas track and accompanying music video. They’ve also signed on for a documentary, which should finish shooting in the fall.

[via Billboard]