Ke$ha Cleans Up For The July Cover Of ‘Self’

The new plan with Ke$ha seems to be to just try anything and just see what sticks. Pitbull and Sure! Cornrows? Why not! Styled as squeaky-clean as a suburban soccer mom in a lime green hoodie? Okay, that’ll work, too.

So Ke$ha: “Have fun and & still stay fit,” says the headline. Well, okay! She’s jumping and she looks like she’s having a good time, absolutely, in a Lululemon-afternoon-yogilates sort of way. But still, at the same time, is this going to help sell more copies of Warrior? Increase her brand visibility? Is she really going the #blessed #fitness route now? What’s the point, exactly? 

Look: I still love Ke$ha and I always will, but it would be great to feel like she or anyone else on her team had an actual strategy as the Warrior era continues limping along.

In the interim: Stay #blessed.