Cher’s ‘Closer To The Truth’: Stream The Entire Flawless Album

Stop everything! Cher‘s first studio album in a dozen years is now available for your listening pleasure and it raises fabulousness to previously unimagined heights. Closer To The Truth picks up where Believe and Living Proof left off. It’s a high camp dance-pop explosion with enough autotune to burst Ke$ha‘s eardrums. Like those classics, the LP sounds equally flawless in the club or at home doing the ironing. Only Cher has mastered that balance!

A full review will follow when the Closer To The Truth hits stores but highlights include “My Love” (basically the sequel to “Song For The Lonely”), the country-pop detour “I Hope You Find It” and beautiful ballad “Sirens” (expect this to soundtrack gay weddings from now until eternity). As for the P!nk-penned tracks? “I Walk Alone” is quirky but a little underwhelming, while “Lie To Me” is lovely in a “Just Like Jesse James”-lite kind of way. Stream the full album after the jump.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon to hear the comeback queen’s latest. Let us know what you think of the opus in the comments below.

  • Nick

    beautiful ballad “Sirens” (expect this to soundtrack gay weddings from now until eternity

    WHAT>>> Do your homework why would a song for 911 be a song for a gay wedding.

    Also the origional Sirens is much better and more powerful

  • Dan

    I think ‘Take It Like A Man’ is a more likely gay wedding song! I can’t decide which version of ‘Dressed To Kill’ I like better though, the original is great too!

  • Bob

    You get what you pay for and this album is 10 bucks. I would pay $1000 for a rich, complex, wall of sound album like one of the many she used to make. I’m a huge Cher fan from the 70’s and this album is a disappointment. The album’s electronic music is flat and sounds like the art-less music of all the other crap on the market.

    Cher has lost vocal range but that isn’t her fault. Echoes and bump bump bump sounds could be produced by any 5th grader whose class project is to produce an album. If you like today’s club music, then here you go!

    If Cher would have brought in some of the producers who create full and engaging works of art, and put these songs on one album and this thrown-together collection that she released, as an alternative album, she would have covered all the age bases.

    Hearing Cher do this album is like watching Meryl Streep star in a poorly written comedy sit-com. It would appeal to the masses but the crowd that sees the art in her work would be greatly disappointed.