Watch Drake Talk ‘Nothing Was The Same,’ Rihanna & ‘Anchorman 2’ On ‘Chelsea Lately’

Last month, Kendrick Lamar dropped by Chelsea Lately to discuss Miley Cyrus and setting the hip-hop world on fire with “Control.” Avowed rapper fan and affable host Chelsea Handler nabbed an even bigger MC this time, as Drake appeared on her show last night (September 23) for Nothing Was The Same eve. Like with K-Dot, Handler got him to talk about a variety of random topics, including the fact that the “baby” version of his album cover bears a striking resemblance to Blue Ivy.

But the most tense (and funniest) moment of the chat came when Handler bluntly asked Drizzy, “Are you still penetrating Rihanna?” He smiled, answering, “We’re way past that…I need somebody new to penetrate, by the way.”

Also of note: Anchorman was a huge part of Drake’s life, he grew up in a nice area but his family wasn’t rich and his bar mitzvah was in an Italian restaurant.

[via Rap Radar]