Lorde Shades Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift, Is Suddenly The Least Popular Girl On Twitter

Lorde is the new face of hipster-pop and has the most downloaded song in the country. So why is New Zealand’s finest export suddenly the most hated girl on Twitter? It seems the 16-year-old attended the Azealia Banks school of public relations. Like the struggle femcee, she is making a habit of speaking her mind a little too freely — amassing an army of haters by criticizing Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

Her gripe? Lorde thinks her colleagues are anti-feminist. She told Metro magazine: “Taylor Swift is so flawless and so unattainable, and I don’t think it’s breeding anything good in young girls.” The teen then posed a fairly reasonable question. “I’m never going to be like Taylor Swift, why can’t I be as pretty as Lorde?”

That came after taking aim at Selena Gomez in an interview with Rob Tannenbaum. “I love pop music on a sonic level,” she admitted. “But I’m a feminist and the theme of her song ["Come & Get It"] is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.” See a tiny selection of the tweets her comments sparked after the jump.

Should Lorde learn how to hold her tongue or does she have a point? Let us know in the comments below.

  • carlos

    I mean… that was pretty light.
    Anyway, she’ll get an annoying song about being the worst person in the world next year – like Jake, that Jonas brother, Kanye, John Mayer, Harry etc.

  • Jay

    The thing about Lorde though…..her music will continue to live on while Selena Gomez’s will eventually disappear. Selena Gomez isn’t a true artist in MY OPINION. If you feel like she is a true artist…well kudos to you, but I don’t.
    But also, why do people act like because they like Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift that everyone else has to? Is no one entitled to their own opinion? Can Lorde not have hers? The way people overreact and start all that “Hunchback” crap just goes to show the true nature of those people….which is that they’re ugly on the inside. She didn’t say anything truly negative about either or those two….maybe she’s not a fan but so what? People need to learn how to chill out. Not everyone’s the same.

    • taketwo

      What you and that bitchy Lorde don’t understand is we don’t care about your opinions. What Lorde did was a very dumb move on her part. She’s trying past on her views in her feminist life by picking on two of pop music biggest stars. She just barely started her music career with her hit song and is using that as her platform to preach what her beliefs are to every young girl who will listen to her. That’s fine but as you probably already know Selena did her a big favor by performing her song on her tour. How does this dimwit do? She insults her and Taylor because has her own beliefs. I have my own beliefs too but I go around preaching them to people I don’t know. She’s stepping on thin ice and I hope she doesn’t drown.

      • Jay

        Your comment is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s exactly the problem. You’re exactly the problem. You don’t care about people’s opinions which is why you leave such hateful comments.
        I’m not even going to say anymore than that because you’re just a sad person. I’m sorry if you’re unable to have an adult conversation :(

      • Lee Wasabi

        Hey!i’M not Lorde fans or either Selenas,but really i am really grateful about how much Selena loved Lorde’s music and then sing it,however her singing sucked,Lorde didn’t even ask Selena to do this kind of thing so you yourself if you dun want people to insult Tay or Sel!STOP TALKING NONSENSE ABOUT LORDE!

      • David B Conway

        hi im david

    • NO

      HA!!! Selena Gomez disappearing soon? No. Lorde is a one-hit wonder and we all know it!

      • Save the Music

        Honestly, Lorde’s music won’t “live on” any more than Selena’s will. “Royals” is a mediocre song with mediocre lyricism, melody, and content. It’s cute that she gets to play famous for a little bit, but she’s clearly not as talented as a lot of you think she is. Remember: They don’t play thought-provoking, complex music on Top 40 radio stations.

    • Chelsea Botticelli

      except… Lorde is a hack who won’t be remembered either. Heck, Selena is a household name while many people still have no idea who or what “Lorde” is, even if they listen to the radio.

      nobody said anyone “has” to like them. No idea where you got that? however, you have made it clear you cannot not like Lorde, so this is hypocritical.

  • Alexander Novikov

    but… she didn’t say anything bad about them

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Meier/100001415215882 Andy Meier

    Yeah…I’m not seeing the part where Lorde threw shade. Swift and Gomez just have rabidly immature Twitter-obsessed fanbases. I like Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez makes really good (read: catchy, manufactured, and by-the-numbers) pop, but they’re by no means be-all, end-all, you-must-like-or-die artists. Honestly, I’m just not seeing where people got so offended, and she doesn’t even look like the hunchback…so…I’m just gonna leave this here.

    “Maybe the internet raised us, or maybe people are jealous…”

    • taketwo

      You’re doing the right thing by ” just leaving here”. Lorde should have left her feminist views at home so as not to offend anybody.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Meier/100001415215882 Andy Meier

        Wow. First, I said “leave THIS here”, as “leave this Lorde quote here.” Second, I have to ask, does anybody find these quotes particularly alarming, given her song content? Neither of her statements are pointed at all. Maybe she is sick of women being portrayed the way they are. I, personally, don’t have a problem with it (hence, I disagree with Lorde here), but I couldn’t even force myself to take offense at her views. Besides, she called Taylor “unattainably flawless.” I can’t fathom what you find so frustrating about her comments.

  • Ivory33

    Ok, this is the take on this. New Zealand gave us Lucy Lawless, “Xena Warrior Princess”, a well mannered lady, I may add. She shows gratitude every time she speaks and she knows that lightening doesn’t strike twice. You only have one opportunity that counts in life. That being said, please NZ keep this one at home, We have our home grown colorful entertainers here in US who are more talented, so we really do not need to baby seat or import this disrespectful person here. She should stay home, learn some manners, then may be we will give her another chance.

    • Chadrick Smith

      Disrespectful? In hat way was there any disrespect from Lorde? Lorde didn’t ask to top North Americas iTunes charts, you Yankees and Canadians made her what she is. In NZ she was just being a regular Kiwi teen, kicking back with mates, going to parties, studyiny for end of year exams. You yankees just can’t take the truth. Like what Jason Derulo said “American Kids have too many problems”.

      • Ivory33

        Also, Chadrick, you said we have problems. At least we do not come to your country, disrespect you and ask you to make us famous. Ingrates!!

        • SashaDog

          If you think Selena Gomez or any of the other synthetic products of the Disney Channel is more talented that Lorde, your taste is a bit suspect. When I first stumbled on this controversy, I went and watched the video for “Come and Get It”, and it was like, meh. Just looked at the lyrics, and it’s double meh. I think Ella’s main error here was treating it as if it were worthy of commentary.

          There are plenty of talented Americans, for sure. But the ones picked out for promotion by the entertainment industry are not, necessarily, the best. Selena Gomez may have peaked in the Wizards of Waverly Place, or maybe when she dated Justin Bieber. Or maybe it’s been all downhill since Barney, who can say?

        • Mike Patterson

          how did Lorde disrespect America ?..she likes many American entertainers/ bands..why bring patriotism into it ?..so somebody cant have an opinion without being branded anti – American ?…come on..she never mentioned America

    • tilly

      maybe you shouldn’t judge her because she’s famous in the end she is just a person with views maybe you should just leave her a lone. I’m from nz and I’ll tell you people from new zealand are a lot nicer than some Americans. So just leave your judgements to your self.


      Okay so I dont get the hunchback thing casue i look like lorde so thats just insulting second of all : who the fudge is lorde disrespecting america you racist jerks. All taylor does is make ove music which pisses me and the normal off and she’s freakin right about selena gomez come nad get it i hate that osng she frist of all portrays indian and brown girls as sex objects and honestly atleast taylor is maturing but selena gomez i honestly hate her got a problem with that? guess what I DONT GIVE A DAMN.

    • Nicole Thorburn

      And this is why us kiwis think americans are dumb, by the way New Zealand also gave you Melanie Lynskey, Russell Crowe, Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, Peter Jackson (you know the person who made lorde of the rings ext) , Keith Urban
      Just to name a few!!

  • Anaic

    Lorde is a young girl and is fairly new to fame in other words, she is not plastic puppet yet. Perhaps she has yet to get a very good publicist to coach her on what to say and what not to say the name dropping upset the immature fans of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. But I agree with her message and she is not insulting Taylor Swift. She just used Taylor Swift as an example to say that alot of beauty is airbrushed and enhanced, and young girls are feeling bad about themselves because its hard to achieve the same level of beauties as their idols and she is encouraging young girls to accept themselves and celebrate their own beauty and to just be themselves.

    As for what she said about Selena Gomez, again its not a direct insult to Selena but I see why males would be so unhappy about this, Lorde just doesn’t agree with or maybe doesn’t understand how sexual message is conveyed in the song but its obvious that she’s kind of leaning towards that young women should respect themselves and that shouldn’t objectify themselves.

    I think Lorde could be a positive role model in a society that idolizes and celebrates and focuses on famous people far too much, but yeah she might want to get a good publicist.

  • Ciarán Boyle

    Wow, apparently half the people on this website didn’t get parent permission to log onto the web. Lorde didn’t say anything rude in the least, and while I find her comments about Taylor a bit confusing, she is completely right talking about Selena’s song. There is no argument here, Lorde expressed her opinion – a very popular opinion in fact, not some crazy hateful shade. Why should she be criticized for that? Good on her for using her fame to bring attention to important issues such as feminism.

  • sugarrycoats

    I love how Lorde sees how the industry works today. She’s too deep for those immature fan bases. Haha. Bad for them can’t see the truth!

  • Allison

    What I find funny is the haters lol like keep hating on lorde selena gomez has no talent and makes no money she doesn’t sale anything…lol like keep hating on lorde and watch her money and taylors go up ur talking bad on twitter? like seriously lol why don’t u go by that bitches album oh wait yall know its crap too so u don’t waste music on it im tired of seeing that girls name everytime actual celebrities like taylor and lorde and Justin bieber and so many others have something going on lol like go away please

  • rebyl

    She has a point! And she really didn’t say anything that “negative”. Geez, can’t a girl have an opinion without Selena and Miley crazies coming after her like she slaughtered a kitten. So what. Plus, the talent coming from Lorde = longevity. Taylena = yesterday’s news.

  • rebyl

    Honesty doesn’t equal shade and the only people hating on Twitter are taylena crazies. And no one else. That says something in and of itself.

  • Mrs.Dalloway

    Ok here is my view

    Honestly I gotta say these Selena/Taylor fans are striking at Lorde out of ignorance and blindness. They’ll snap at whoever disagrees with their opinion and they’ll refuse to believe anything otherwise. Lorde makes music with pretty meaningful lyrics, the other girls not so much.

    HOWEVER, I do respect the music those girls do, but I can understand where Lorde is going from. There is so much misogyny, anti-feminism and sexualisation in music today. Should we criticise an independent young woman who thinks that this is wrong? No, what kind of image is that putting the music industry out as.

    It makes it seem like a company full of anti-feminist messages who will attack those who speak otherwise, Lorde definitely did nothing wrong and I hope that the other girls will respect that.

  • Marc

    Selena Gomez has no talent compared to Lorde, im sorry if you disagree and I am sorry that you even think that too…
    Bring on the comments fool.

    • vnsa

      Yeah, I feel bad because Selena seems like a sweet girl who appreciates all the success that has come her way–but she even said in an interview that she didn’t plan to continue music, choosing to pursue acting “just because longevity-wise.” I’m pretty sure Bob Dylan is still playing shows. What to do, though. Lorde is a great talent! I hope her attitude doesn’t get spoiled by the industry and fame.

  • Ronda A Ackerman-Furr

    I admire a young woman stating her opinion. If that makes her a “hater” then so let it be. She is wiser and more mature then most girls her age. If the little tweens and teens want to recall one of their teen shows “Big Time Rush” one stated “hating on a hater makes YOU a hater”. This is her opinion. Does it show any maturity to slam her? No. Do you think the artists go on here and say “YAY my fans are sticking up for my by being mean to another human being ” NO . To me it looks like a bunch of bullies attacking a young woman for just saying what is on her mind. So before you type something HATEFUL try imaging you having a smart and lovely daughter coming home in tears because the other girls were mean or thinking that she can not say what she thinks…then type as if you were typing to HER…takes a lot to of bravery to bully someone behind a computer screen… I would not want anyone to treat my daughter that way and I will teach her the same. Like I said think before you type. What you say can affect others opinions or their lives.

  • Peter Jones

    I really don’t understand Taylor sometimes. She should rein in her fans. They hate other women, especially Lorde. Taylor may be more famous and more likeable, but Lorde is decent and has class.

  • Ivory33

    Just keep her if you think she is so fine. We can do without.



    • Yup

      And you are an over dramatic girl who can’t spell.

      • David B Conway

        my first comment on here , im so sorry that i put to much dis,like on selena gomez , and on walt disney company as well ,,i did what them to hate me just what i am posting on line internet for ,i was getting to much hate on me to long, , and second comment just about lored , i just do,nt know why lored what,s to get the grammy awards for just when she is so dis,pectful just to another celebrity star , she should step down just from the grammy,s this year , love david

        • David B Conway

          hi , im david , i just what to be fan to selena gomez , and to support her right now ,

  • Sarah Renn Monhollen

    I wish that instead of “criticizing” Swift for being “too beautiful,” Lorde could have instead focused on a more serious feminist question that the actual songs and videos bring up. Swift is infamous for pushing the Madonna-whore complex. Some of her songs contrast between sweet, wholesome Swift and the presumably slutty other girl (“She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts”), making it obvious who is the superior choice. And the music videos of hers I have watched typically involve her vanquishing some other girl in her quest to win a guy’s affections. And the bulk of her music is dedicated to getting her heart trampled on by a stampede of boyfriends, which gives an unhealthy image of serial dating and putting way too much emphasis on what boys think of you and do to you. She’s made a career out of being the scorned ex who’s, hmph, way too good for you anyway. THAT is the harmful message Taylor Swift sends. Lorde’s comment was practically a compliment, and only mildly chastises “photoshop culture.” She didn’t even really insult these pop stars directly, just the inauthentic and sexist things they loosely represent with their work.

  • rania

    i really enjoy lorde’s music plus she didn;t insult them or anything she admitted that taylor swift is perfect and only said the truth when u see that image many girls want to have u crave iy urself and selena’s lyrics ARE provocative and anti-feminist i know she did not reallt mean for it to be that way but it is . Lorde beeing honnest and the complete opposite of a shallow bitch is soooooooooooo cool i missed this kind of icons teaching young girls not to be afraid to express themselves freely no matter what other people say . if u dont like lorde there is no need to be mean and curse .

  • Can You Not

    Honestly I’m a fan of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Lorde. I think this was blown way out of proportion. It’s not like Lorde said “Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez suck I hope they die”. There are people out there that send the most hateful messages to celebrities that could really hurt. If Taylor or Selena Gomez heard what Lorde said do you really think they will be offended and cry? There are so many other tweets that are way worse and I think that the people that are calling Selena, Taylor, or Lorde a bitch should just re-evaluate their priorities.

  • don’t care

    I don’t hate either one. They probably seen worse comments and will see worse in the future. I think it would be better if they could make friends out of this. I think it’s also acceptable if Lorde makes a few flaws cuz she’s younger and might not have as much experience as the other artists. It’s not like you’d get angry if a 5 year old started insulting you or something.

  • Anna

    The vast majority of fans of social network sites ultimately spend most of their time fawning over their favourite celebrities. Then there is the minor 10% or so who are bunny-boiler super fans who actually harass other fans.

    I think the way in which Lorde said it defines whether she intended it to be offensive. Having not been there myself, I obviously have no idea how she intend, and of course tone is all up to the reader. I feel a tad ambivalent on the one hand I commend her honesty; but on the other I feel maybe she could have framed things better than what she did. Saying that Taylor Swift fans merely comprise of thirteen year-old girls is a gross understatement, having seen for myself how many little girls, teenagers, young adult and middle-aged women turn out for her concerts suggests that she has such a wider demographic than people believe. Saying that she’s too flawless and that makes her a bad role model is a backhanded compliment. As a young woman, I identify with Taylor’s compassion more than I do her looks, and that is what I aspire to be like. She is stunning, but so are many other people that doesn’t mean it brings down my self-esteem. While I am not a fan of Selena’s, it appears that what Lorde is truly reflecting on is the way in which women are viewed in the music industry. And in this she is completely justified. Speaking of One Direction as “overrated,” however, obviously wasn’t going to go down well in regards to their current popularity.

  • Aleezinhah

    Kara Que Mulher Ridicula , Mal Comecou a Virar Famosa e Já Saí Falando mal De Todos , naum sei Como Ela Ganhou em 1 lugar na billboard Passando a Minha Diva Katy Perry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Ps: Fanszinhos Da Lorde , Essa Foi Minha Opnião , e Vai Continuar Sendo Essa Blz , Nem Adianta Vir Me Criticar Pois Vou Fazer Vooc Perder a sua Razão #FicaaDica ;)

  • Lianne

    I think her points are valid, but the truth is that both Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have dedicated fanbases, as does Lorde, and she must learn to express herself in a less judgemental way otherwise the haters will outnumber her fans and she will only cause more sh*t for herself.

  • David B Conway

    i just think that lored , should control her self , just when she what,s to be in the media or not ,

  • Just a Noone? =w=

    Oh my god, why are all these people making fun of her??
    These tweets were pretty rude (i’d wanna to punch them),
    but wtf? She never insulted anyone. =.= Just giving opinions…
    She has some awesome songs, and does give feeling, some nice beats. (Jesus, this is like people hating on her asian “boyfriend”)
    Also, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez? I’m not a huge fan of Selena, and only like few of Taylor’s songs, but they are really good, and how Lorde said they were. Lorde is very mature, and beautiful… These haters just shouldn’t say anything.
    Just because they say one thing, THIS WHOLE THING GOES ON?
    I dont get you people…v.v

  • Zoë Lovett

    putting other women down isnt being a feminist, its being rude and un necessary

  • anonbitch

    She’s just stating her views as an artist (though, I believe her take on Swift was a tad senseless). But hey…on a personal level none of them created good music anyway. lol