Eminem And Skylar Grey Reunite On “Asshole”: Listen To The Furious ‘MMLP2′ Track

Oct 30th, 2013 // 1 Comment

Eminem and Skylar Grey make a good team. They first joined forces on 2010′s mega-selling “Love The Way You Lie”, which the Don’t Look Down diva penned, before reuniting on 2011′s top five smash “I Need A Doctor”. (They also worked on “C’Mon Let Me Ride” but, hey, everyone has a bad day.)

With a track record like that, it was a fairly safe bet that their latest collab — a charmingly titled tune called “Asshole” — would be a Marshall Mathers LP 2 highlight and it definitely stands out. Em puts the haters in check with rhymes like: “They told me to slow down, to zone out. Good luck trying to convince a blond it’s like telling Gwen Stefani she sold out”. (What’s with the retro references this era?)

That’s where Skylar comes in and delivers a truly memorable chorus. “Everybody knows so don’t pretend to be nice, there’s no place you can hide,” she sings. “You are just an asshole and everybody knows!” A lot of people can identify with that sentiment. Listen to the hip-hop/pop kiss-off after the jump.

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  1. Illmatical

    Jesus…. Freaking… Christo, does he Spaz on this album. Its like pure adrenaline, even on the slower songs. This LP was good, as in Really Good.

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