Britney Spears Shows Her Vulnerable Side On “Perfume”: Listen

Britney Spears dropped her new single “Perfume,” and it’s a stark contrast from the fierce, vogue-ing mean girl depicted in “Work Bitch.” The pop star shows her vulnerable side, cooing, “Am I being paranoid, am I seeing things?” as she lays out her relationship insecurities over an understated arrangement of strings and keys. At the chorus, Spears declares, “I’ll never tell, tell on myself but I hope she smells my perfume… I hide it well, hope you can’t tell but I hope she smells my perfume.” It’s kind of a devastating reveal!

This is the type of personal lyrical content fans were probably expecting after learning Spears opened up to executive producer in order to create songs that come “from her heart.” Hear the ballad below.

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  • GClay

    Unbelievable, so phenomenal. Brit is a star

  • blaackeagle

    The most brilliantly beautiful song of this year, sorry last years. By the way Britney CAN sing, and in such a unique way.
    We’re heartbroken as she shares a secret of her heart.
    Big thanks to Sia and Britney. This gonna be huge mainly for fans and hopefully for the rest of the world too.
    I already foresee so many covers…

  • Britard

    Wow… finally a ballad that is about emotion. not oversung and over wrought with made-up “drama”

  • Rempo

    Finally a good song from Miss Britney Spears

  • mike

    I never understand when her fans claim she “can” sing. Not when her vocals sound obviously processed and still have a strained and shaky quality that a talented singer really wouldn’t have.

    • blaackeagle

      You never understand because you’re the one who needs to get outta here, b**ch! Go leave your monster poison on other websites! And shut the f*ck up!

      • mike

        I don’t understand because I need “to get outta here, b**ch!”

        That doesn’t even make sense. Do you own Idolator or something? I can comment my opinion anywhere. Also, its an opinion yet vocals are rather objective. It’s clear if your voice can hit notes or not.

        • blaackeagle

          Of course it doesn’t make sense. Your opinion is just opinion like anybody’s else. Britney’s vocals sound great here. Go listen to your Gaga music. You can’t destroy this piece of art.

          • mike

            Why Gaga? I like her but I’m not even her stan. Regardless, Gaga’s voice is 100x better than Britney’s and just about any other singer on the market has better vocals than Britney. I just can’t enjoy her small and shaky vocals with her frog-like growls. But anyway, you’re right it’s just an opinion – like your’s that she has amazing vocals. In the meantime we can just wait until she does it live to really hear her talents.

          • blaackeagle

            Britney’s vocals are unique. They are very melodic, sweet, warm, angelic and sexy. They ain’t higher as any diva’s, yes I agree, and she needn’t them be so in order to be listened to.
            Time has proved so many times – Britney is still at the edge of everybody’s mouth. She may let herself not to perform, sing, dance. But she’s never out of everybody’s mind. That’s her status. And she’s a legend. That matters, that’s the fact.

          • mike

            I agree her vocals are unique and I usually wouldn’t comment on them but since this is a ballad they are front and centre, and often the most important part of a ballad so the fact that they aren’t up to par is very obvious. On dance tracks she sounds great. She has a good tone and it works for her. And yes, she’s still a topic of conversation, and will always have her pop princess status but I disagree that it’s all that matters. Maybe for Britney fans who are used to this, but for fans of other singers they need quality, talent and performance abilities. The fact that she doesn’t sing live but still is a legend is embarrassing for our generation.

          • blaackeagle

            You know who cares it’s embarrasing or not. As you said yes everything she does – she does for her fans and that’s enough. We are very happy to have Britney in our lives since 1998. It’s all we need.
            I disagree. For ballad you doesn’t have to sing like Celine Dion, Mariah or Whitney in order to mark the song as ballad. In overall it’s not a ballad – it’s a mid-tempo song with beautiful arrangement and Sia-production. Her voice is as balanced as it could be. They don’t need to be up to par in this song.
            About status. Yes, she’ll always be the only princess of pop industry – you know, in the end – that matters I say once again. Saying that matters means the huge work behind the shoulders – status of pop-princess is earned through lot of years.
            If you’re fan of others then demand from them not from Britney. You haven’t to.

          • mike

            Okay. Britney is what she is. That’s not going to change. It’s just odd to me that she loves her fans, does things for them as you say but won’t sing live. Britney is a singer first and foremost and yet only sings behind studio walls with a clearly processed sound. I guess it’s how you look at it though. She is a popstar, a face to a brand.

          • blaackeagle

            Yes, agree for most of you’ve said in last comment. It’s her and our business we like her lyp-syncing or we don’t. Anyway. We really love her – because we respect her past, love her present and will appreciate her future no matter what happens. We are not a dayly music-lovers – we are odd and old))
            Everybody’s voice is under studio corrections that’s not a secret. And everybody’s name is a brand. Let’s be honest here.
            Adele is a singer. Britney is a performer.)

  • Greg

    Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of some of the lyrical spots…. especially “I’m gonna mark my territory”… BUT, that being said, I agree with one of the reviews I read, where it described ‘Perfume’ as the opposite effect of ‘Work Bitch’. The hype was up so high for ‘Work Bitch’, and then it just wasn’t what everyone hoped for. ‘Perfume’ though, isn’t a whollup up front, but I think it may be the one that keeps growing.

    definitely has me curious for ‘Britney Jean’

  • AngelouLoves

    Definitely hearing the Britney the world fell in love with in the first place