Katy Perry Selects “Dark Horse” As The Third Single From ‘Prism’

Katy Perry will release “Dark Horse” as the third single from her blockbuster Prism LP. The Juicy J-featuring trap-pop anthem was sent to pop and rhythmic radio yesterday (December 17) after it received unsolicited radio support and months of healthy download sales on iTunes.

This is a complete no-brainer. “Dark Horse” is the catchiest song on Katy’s third album and is already top 10 on iTunes without a video clip or major promo push. It really should have been the LP’s second single instead of “Unconditionally” — a move that would have kept the diva’s string of top 10 hits intact (let’s be real, this song is going to be massive).

Are you happy with this decision? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Billboard].

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  • Dwight G.

    i dont think it will be massive, given the song has already been on Dj set lists and on the radio for 2 months & people already bought it when it initionally dropped. i dont think it will breach the top 5

  • Frank

    It wont be a big hit…..

  • drew

    Good move, Katy. One of the only non-throwaways from Prism.


  • Angelina

    Where’s the album art and the video? Dark Horse is not her 3rd single!

    • luke

      its still coming doll, promo push hasnt even begun…..still lyric video to drop before video!