Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Video: Preview The Clip & See Katy Patra’s OTT Grill

katy perry dark horse music video
Who's The Pharaoh-est Of Them All?
Katy Perry and Juicy J have the distinction of having the #1 single in the country for a third week, but without a video to accompany the song. That will all change next week, as the full “Dark Horse” visual is set to premiere on February 20.

Ahead of that, the Prism-atic pop princess has offered up a short tease of her new Egyptian-themed video, which finds Katy decked out in full Cleopatra garb (complete with an absolutely insane, bejeweled grill on her teeth). As we’re informed by words on an “ancient” scroll, kings would travel far and wide — or, from Brooklyn to Babylon — to try and win the heart of Katy Patra during each eclipse. Those she was smitten with became “top dawg,” while all others faced her wrath.

Watch the clip above, and let us know your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far of Katy’s “Dark Horse” visual.

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  • Bow Down Bitches

    ZOMG! KATYPATRA! #everything

  • mike

    I shouldn’t expect much considering all her videos are pretty bad but she is 29 now. First Roar with it’s Disney Channel vibes and then Unconditionally looking like a commercial and then this with it’s cheesy storyline? I get she’s “kooky” and “weird” and doesn’t take herself too seriously but this just comes off as tacky.

  • jules

    love everything that katy does, shes amazing

  • Chamberlin Champ


  • Tiff

    The only good video was California Girls with Snoop Dogg