Beyonce’s Shade Is Too Strong! Watch Her Destroy Farrah Franklin With A Simple Glance

Remember the vine of Beyonce giving Kelly Rowland biblical side-eye in an old Destiny’s Child interview that went viral a couple of weeks ago? Well, social media historians have dusted off another hysterical example of the game-changing diva’s mastery of not-so-subtle shade from the vault. Her victim this time? Another former bandmate.

Farrah Franklin was only in Destiny’s Child for five months before getting the boot, so it’s safe to assume that she wasn’t on the best of terms with the other girls but the “Drunk In Love” hitmaker drives the point home with the shadiest head turn off all time. “When push came to shove I was able to sing and dance,” the clueless songstress claims before Beyonce destroys her with a single glance. Watch after the jump.

Is Bey the undisputed queen of shade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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