Beyonce’s Shade Is Too Strong! Watch Her Destroy Farrah Franklin With A Simple Glance

Remember the vine of Beyonce giving Kelly Rowland biblical side-eye in an old Destiny’s Child interview that went viral a couple of weeks ago? Well, social media historians have dusted off another hysterical example of the game-changing diva’s mastery of not-so-subtle shade from the vault. Her victim this time? Another former bandmate.

Farrah Franklin was only in Destiny’s Child for five months before getting the boot, so it’s safe to assume that she wasn’t on the best of terms with the other girls but the “Drunk In Love” hitmaker drives the point home with the shadiest head turn off all time. “When push came to shove I was able to sing and dance,” the clueless songstress claims before Beyonce destroys her with a single glance. Watch after the jump.

Is Bey the undisputed queen of shade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Wilson Cuadrado

    This is not shade. It’s Beyonec being selfish as she has always been.
    Seems like NO ONE deserves attention but her.

    • NinaLee

      Lmao oh hush, she didn’t like her. Its well known that they put Farrah in the group just because she was pretty and they needed a 4th member. Everyone got attention, don’t be mad at beyonce, that was the worlds decision to pay attention to her more than others

    • ShadeFree

      I think Beyonce is just a keep-it-real type woman and when a Lie passed her ears her natural instincts perked up like “Omg, this girl is really sitting here lying knowing damn well she struggled to sing and DEFINITELY dance!”. All of the girls had “something” to work with but we all know who was the lead. If this was untrue the other girls would be where Queen B is today. People need to stop hating and when artists actually work HARD to craft their talents they SHOULD be able to be recognized as the BEST or even say it from time to time. Stop the hating.. im shade FREE. Keep doing ya thing B, REAL women need you.

  • Meghan

    I couldn’t agree with you more Wilson .. sick and tired of her fake image of being so friendly and nice .. clearly shes not with two examples of her being horrible and condescending in the last month alone !

    • Jeremy

      we all throw shade at sum point. why are u ppl always so quick to judge. mariah carey, christina aguilera, madonna, j.lo are just few other female artists that love to throw shades at other artists. so beyonce is not alone here. and she’s a human being like anybody else. it’s so hard being a celebrity.

      • huh

        lol because you all personally know her and her family therefore you’ve experienced her selfish attitude firsthand, right?

  • Guest123

    Wilson you are spot on. Her parents raised a total selfish monster and she was socialized this way to be hands down, bar none the ‘only one worthy of attention and praise’ and has even taught this nonsense to her stan base who rip down any artist that is getting attention. And the same nasty attitude that has her making songs saying Bow Down Bixshes, what a total tool. No thank you Ms. Knowles, No Thank You.

  • Guest123

    what a B, no pun intended.

  • Logan Francis


  • Commanderofthedancefloor

    This was her when she was just a teenager, and everyone should know that you change completely from when you were that young, in some cases you don’t but most times you change. You grow and learn and I can guarantee that no one here is exactly like they were when they were a teen.

  • jack

    i think this was around the time her and letoya luckett was fueding because her crazy dad