Miley Cyrus Straddles A Horse Statue Naked: See The (Obviously NSFW) Topless Photo

Mar 31st, 2014 // 29 Comments
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Remember Miley Cyrus‘ darkly sexy “Adore You” remix cover? You know, the one where she’s straddling a plaster horse and showing a bit of nipple? Well, the full image has surfaced online and it’s a pretty graphic. The Bangerz diva is completely naked — apart from her thong — and shows her bare breasts (yet again).

At this stage, I’ve lost count of the 21-year-old’s nude photo shoots but this is definitely one of her most explicit. Perhaps “Adore You” would have made a bigger splash on the charts if she used this photo as the official cover. There’s no word yet on Miley’s next single (she’s still busy touring) but I’d be happy with “Drive” or “4 x 4″. See the NSFW pic after the jump.

Doesn’t Miley look nice with dark hair?

Here’s even more on the sultry singer:

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  1. BetterThanYou


  2. Oupa

    I am a 70+ south African and I think Miley is absolutly,amazingly fabulous!!!
    Chaneli’s Oupa

  3. Seeing her tomorrow at TD garden Boston…….love her….

  4. oh yeah

    kinda looks like katy perry

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with this pic. I think it shows a very attractive side of Miley.

  6. nanabanana

    i mean its not something i would do…but, at least she pretty nipples. lol

  7. Hey, the more she gets naked, the more I like it. Just hope we see some slit at some point.

  8. shes defo a beautful looking girl just hope shes doing it for herself and not because of the PR told her too

  9. Sasha

    I just threw up.

  10. Sasha

    Untalented and unattractive. Stop making rich assholes famous.

    • Daniel

      You must be an avid gossip tv watcher. Let people be inspired by Madonna and express themselves artistically. If it offends you simply change the channel. No one is forcing you to watch her. Nor did anyone force us to watch Madonna in the 80s. And if you’re that prude maybe you should move to an Amish community where prudence is a lifetime practice. Let her be and keep your hate to yourself. :)

  11. God is the biggest hurt of eyes look at U torque Lightning Thunder in my heart I looked Ahaggagh

  12. Jenny

    This isnt fair, of course everyone loves this, who doesnt like a nice boob? :P

  13. Mansin


  14. Rsg

    It is really difficult to be an optimistic.
    At least she doesn’t have puffy nipples

  15. Fernando Torres

    I would love to wrap her around my face for a lil bit

  16. Lou

    Of course the only people who like it are guys -_-

  17. what happend to you miley where’s the old miley

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