Kylie Minogue’s “I Was Gonna Cancel” Video Is Literally Pedestrian: Watch

Kylie In A Crowd
Kylie Minogue has delivered some of the most memorable and innovative videos in the history of popular music but “I Was Gonna Cancel” is not one of them. The flawless diva simply stands in a bustling crowd of people and makes jerky hand movements while looking generally adorable. There is, however, a thoughtful explanation for the seemingly bizarre concept.

“This video is an abstract look at pedestrian life and how we’re all just trying to get through and rise above everyday challenges,” Kylie explains. “Although the song talks about a real life event that happened the day I recorded the song with Pharrell, the video has a more conceptual approach and I love how surreal it looks.” Fair enough. Watch up top.

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  • ConnorG

    I love it. So fresh and chic. It looks like a strange 1970s European film. It’s beautifully shot and the strange, erratic choreography for Kylie only adds to the weird factor. Not everything has to be over the top.

    • Chad Disbro

      Well said. I agree. I think it was a great idea for the song. I love the slight retro look!

  • Gregg

    Not what you would expect from Kylie for sure. But I love the fact that it works so well with the lyrics and its not flashy, relatable to us all. So nice to see something different and thoughtful without challenging, controversial gimmicks (Lady Gaga springs to mind) we have become so accustomed to from the lady’s in pop.

  • john

    Very 80s, including the unsophisticated look, the high-waisted jeans she wears and the fact that no one is looking at a smart phone as they walk…

  • generaljimbo

    Could have been so much more to appeal to a wider audience and sell more than 3.5k (ish) units in the first week. ‘Put your hands up’ in Camp Kylie someone and come clean on this one please!

  • LIAN


  • rau45