Hilary Duff’s “Chasing The Sun”: Listen To Her Comeback Single

Well, here’s one way to kick off the week: It’s Hilary Duff‘s long, long, long awaited comeback track, “Chasing The Sun”!

Backed by a simple guitar strum, the breezy return to form recalls Metamorphosis-era HilDuff at her most earnest and summer-iest. As suggested in recent interviews, the song steers clear of the electronic/dance sound of 2007′s Dignity, instead diving into “folkier-type” territory. “I’m chasing the sun/Won’t miss out on the fun, gotta get it while our hearts are young,” she repeatedly coos across the track.

The end result is something of a cross between Mandy Moore‘s Wild Hope, Sheryl Crow‘s “Soak Up The Sun” and Paris Hilton‘s “Stars Are Blind.” In short: It’s sweet, but certainly no “With Love.”

Listen to “Chasing The Sun” after the jump. What do you think of Hilary’s return to the music scene in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • mummmaaaJ


  • alistaircrane

    That’s just baaaad!!! I hope the album is better.

  • Grant B.

    Sheryl Crow’s “Chasing the Sun” – oop more like “Soak Up The Sun” lol

  • spaxicle

    I like it. It’s no Dignity 2.0, but I don’t think she was going for another Dignity-esque album at this point in her life. Maybe not yet. But it’s still a pretty enjoyable, joyful song. A nice way to slowly transition out of Summer. It’s simple in its message of staying positive and living in the moment. Plus I don’t mind having more songs on the radio that encourage such positivity, especially if it’s coming from Hilary Duff herself.

  • Dandy

    The song isn’t even sung by her. I only hear her a couple of times. This is a bad case of Britney ghost singers…

  • Pablo

    Why would this be her single though? Maybe an album filler.

  • mORGAN

    Finally ive been waiting for her return. She is amazing.

  • carlos


  • jamison

    this is what u get for letting ed sheeran be involved. leave hilary alone!

  • Dyl

    This isn’t a wow comeback single but I do think it’s a great song it has me daydreaming of the old Hilary and it gives me a great vibe and leaves me wanting to hear more! :)